June Holidays From Father’s Day To Donald Duck Day — What To Celebrate This Month

Named for the Roman goddess Juno, June brings a celebration for many. Holidays abound and include the most popular day for honoring fathers to the more bizarre tradition of recognizing Donald Duck. The first day of summer arrives in the Northern Hemisphere with the onset of the summer solstice, while those in opposite polar regions embrace winter. Here are some of June’s most famous, bizarre, odd, wacky, and even food holidays as provided by the Orlando Sentinel, and some you may just want to consider celebrating this month.

Father’s Day and Universal Father’s Week

June’s holidays include monthly, weekly, and daily observances. Undoubtedly, Father’s Day is the most popular holiday celebrated this month. Father’s Day is always held on the third Sunday in June and in 2017, the date is Sunday, June 18. In addition to Father’s Day, June 18-June 24 is Universal Father’s Week. This week is a time to celebrate fathers around the world and celebrate fathers in general.The week prior to Father’s Day and ending on

The week prior to Father’s Day and ending on the Sunday that is also Father’s Day is National Men’s Health Week. This is a time to focus on men’s health issues and is a good time to schedule a physical to ensure the important men in your life are healthy. This year, National Men’s Health Week runs from June 11 -June 18.

The Friday before Father’s Day, June 16, is Work at Home Father’s Day. This day is a good time for men who can bring their work home with them to do so. It also gives them a bit of a three-day weekend, as they can stay home and work, then relax on Sunday.

Cat Holidays in June: Adopt a Cat Month, Hug Your Cat Day, and More

June is also a time to pay special attention to your cat or even adopt a rescue cat. June is both Adopt a Cat Month and Adopt a Rescue/Shelter Cat Month. You’ll find many rescue organizations such as American Humane run campaigns during June specifically targeted towards Adopt a Cat Month.

June 4 is Hug Your Cat Day and it’s a popular time to devote a little TLC on your cat. Many cats won’t enjoy being hugged, but you can certainly go out of your way to spoil your feline friend.

June 19 is Garfield the Cat Day and it’s a day to celebrate all things, Garfield. According to the site Days of the Year, June 19 was designated Garfield the Cat Day because the comic strip was first published on June 19, 1978.

Summer Solstice and Sun Holidays in June

June 21 is the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the official start of summer. There are more sun-filled holidays throughout June as it is a time when people enjoy many outdoor activities, spend days at the swimming pool or beach, and take advantage of the long days filled with sunlight. Here are some other June holidays that focus on the sun, outdoor activities and summer.

June’s monthly observances include Cancer from the Sun Month, Great Outdoors Month, and National Camping Month. Weekly observances include National Sun Safety Week June 4-11, and days of note include National Sunglasses Day on June 27.

Donald Duck Day is June 9

Garfield isn’t the only animated character recognized in June. June 9 is Donald Duck Day and it celebrates the birth of the famous Disney character. Donald Duck made his debut in the 1938 Disney film The Wise Little Hen. You may watch a video short below. The story is a retelling of the Red Hen and viewers instantly fell under Donald Duck’s whimsical ways. Donald Duck was always one to express anger at a time when verbal outbursts weren’t always well tolerated. On June 9, you can celebrate Donald Duck by watching movies, reading comics, and enjoying Donald Duck memorabilia.

Are you going to celebrate these holidays during June?

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