‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Tripp’s Revenge Scheme Starts As Kayla Loses Job, Steve Suspicious

Tripp wants to avenge the death of his mother, and he is pretty sure that his stepmother Kayla is the person responsible for her murder. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Tripp is about to execute his plan to ruin Kayla’s life, despite the fact that Kayla is such a kind woman who has shown him nothing but acceptance and love.

Of course, Days of Our Lives viewers know that it is not Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) who killed Ava, but Joey (James Lastovic).

So, why would Jade (Gabrielle Haugh) have slowly poisoned Tripp (Lucas Adams) against his stepmother? Jade has systematically been feeding Tripp information which points to Kayla being his mother’s killer despite it not being true. The reason is that Kayla cut off Jade financially and told her that she would not be able to help her anymore. Jade was furious, but on the surface it seemed as if she accepted it because she thought that she could sponge off Joey instead since Joey was now financially settled. But Kayla sees through all of Jade’s melodrama, such as her “attempted suicide” to keep Joey’s attention, and just wants Jade out of their lives. Therefore, Kayla has made life difficult for Jade who wants things to stay comfortable for her.

But Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Jade saw the opening to get rid of Kayla instead by setting Tripp up to believe that Kayla is responsible for his mother’s murder. Jade told Tripp that Steve (Stephen Nichols) wanted to protect his wife Kayla and that he took the blame for Ava’s murder.

The piece of information that tipped the scales into Tripp believing that Kayla was the real killer is when Adrienne (Judi Evans) told him that Steve took the blame for her own mistakes in the past. If Tripp believes that it is in his dad’s nature to take the fall for others and he has done it numerous times in the past, wouldn’t it be the most natural thing for him to take the blame for Kayla?

Tripp is hell-bent on revenging his mom’s death according to the spoilers. Days of Our Lives viewers will be shocked at what Tripp does next. He knows that his dad’s wife is a well-respected doctor, and his first step is to tarnish Kayla’s reputation. Now that Tripp is also working at the hospital, he will have ample opportunities to sabotage Kayla at work.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that things go wrong quickly for Kayla as her career is in jeopardy. By the time Tripp is through with her, spoilers reveal that Kayla’s medical license might be revoked and she will frantically be trying to rescue her job.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that revenge is a monster that is not easily satiated, and it seems as if Tripp might not only be satisfied with destroying Kayla’s career. As Kayla’s life falls into pieces, Tripp’s anger grows and he thirsts to see Kayla broken.

Tripp and Steve only found out a short while ago that they are father and son. Steve has really stepped up and tried to cement his relationship with Tripp and to be the father to him that he never had while growing up. Days of Our Lives spoilers state that as Steve gets closer to Tripp, he realizes that Tripp has a dark side. Of course, Steve does not want to believe this about his own son but he has always been a man to trust his instincts.

Steve is deeply suspicious about everything going wrong for his wife, and he starts to realize that there may be more to her suddenly disastrous career than what meets the eye. Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Steve will start to investigate what lies beneath the surface, and that his investigations will lead to some hard truths.

Steve is not the only one who is suspicious of Tripp according to the spoilers. Days of Our Lives fans can expect a tumultuous climax when Joey discovers that Tripp has been sabotaging his mother Kayla. What will Joey do to protect his mother? Will Joey confess that he was responsible for Ava’s death? Will he hand himself over to the authorities and admit that Steve took the blame for him?

One thing is for sure, the Johnson family’s happy days are over.

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