‘General Hospital’ Spoiler For Monday, June 5: Lulu Finds Charlotte, Ava Wants To Die, Nina Turns On Valentin?

The Monday, June 5 spoilers for General Hospital reveal that Valentin’s plan will implode into smithereens, Ava wants Sonny to have the honor of killing her and Carly turns to her best friend Jason, who gives her sound advice.

Monday, June 5 General Hospital Spoilers: Lulu finds Charlotte

Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) is worried sick at the disappearance of her daughter Charlotte Cassadine (Scartlett Fernandez). Lulu has a plan of how to find Charlotte, and she tells Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). Together they come up with a plan of action. Charlotte apparently has a cell phone on her, but spoilers do not give a clear indication as to whether this is the mobile that Lulu gave to her, or whether Charlotte already had the phone. If they could trace the mobile cell phone, they could trace Charlotte’s location.

Where is Charlotte? General Hospital spoilers for Monday, June 5 state that Valentin and Charlotte are in a cabin. The cabin seems to be the same place where Sabrina gave birth, and it also seems to be the cabin that Nathan and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) used as their base while trying to find Claudette in Canada.

Lulu calls Charlotte. It turns out that Valentin didn’t know that Charlotte had a phone on her and is taken aback. Valentin knows that the ringing mobile phone will give their location away.

Monday, June 5 General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Wants Sonny To Kill Her

Ava Jerome (Maura West) wants to die, at least that’s what the General Hospital spoilers for Monday, June 5 reveal. For once, Ava’s wants and Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) wants coincide because that’s exactly what he wants too. Sonny wants to kill Ava for her role in his son Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) death, so when Ava tells him that he should go ahead and kill her, he is stunned. Spoilers on Soap Hub reveal that Ava is in so much pain having nearly been burned to death from the injuries that the fire at the warehouse inflicted on her, that she does not want to continue suffering anymore.

But the irony of life is that once you are offered what you want on a silver platter, it ruins the thrill of accomplishing it yourself. And that’s the dilemma Sonny faces now, according to current spoilers. General Hospital fans know Sonny as a vengeful man, and he would never kill Ava because he does not want to be her angel of mercy. He wants to take her life when she has recovered and has her joie de vivre back again.

However, perhaps Sonny won’t even need to make the decision to kill Ava. Guess who pitches up at General Hospital? Spoilers indicate that Griffin (Matt Munro) pays Ava a visit and that he is furious that Sonny is threatening her while she is in ICU.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that there may be a blossoming romance on the horizon for Ava and Griffin, as they share a moment together.

Monday, June 5 General Hospital Spoilers: Jason’s Voice Of Reason

Sonny isn’t the only vengeful Corinthos out to right the wrongs of Morgan’s death. Carly (Laura Wright) also wants to execute her own measure of justice. According to the General Hospital spoilers on Celeb Dirty Laundry, Carly meets with Jason (Billy Miller) to talk about Ava and her role in Morgan’s death.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly tells Bills that Ava confessed to having a part in Adam’s death and that Sonny wants to kill Ava for it. She tells Jason that she is the one who usually prevents Sonny from acting on his impulses, but this time she will not hold him back.

Jason and Morgan were very close, a fact known to devotees of General Hospital. Spoilers, however, indicate that Jason will tell Carly that he also wants justice for Adam’s death, but he would be happier if she served time in jail rather than losing her life. After all, what use would Ava’s death be if Sonny ends up spending his life in prison for killing her?

Monday, June 5 General Hospital Spoilers: Anna Tries To Turn Nina On Her Husband

Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is on a mission to turn husband against wife. She spots Nina (Michelle Stafford) talking to Nathan (Ryan Paevey) and proceeds to give Nina shocking news, according to General Hospital spoilers.

Anna tells Nina that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is on the run because the WSB wants to take him into custody. Anna wants Nina to do the right thing and help them catch Valentin, the fugitive. Will Nina help Anna capture her husband now that it seems as if they’re mending their marriage? Perhaps Nathan will be able to speak to Nina and tell her that it is best to help Anna bring Valentin in.

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