Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Sooner Than Expected? Infinity Display And Android Nougat Confirmed

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s release date was initially pegged at the fourth quarter of the year despite the launch pattern suggesting a Q3 reveal. This was thought to be rational as the Galaxy S8 was delayed, and the company is reportedly planning another device for the third quarter. However, new speculations point to an unveiling in the next couple of months.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Might Be Releasing Soon

Plenty of information coming from leaks are already surfacing, and the latest to be revealed is that the Galaxy Note 8 is going to have an Infinity Display similar to the Galaxy S8’s. This is already a known detail, as Samsung’s flagship phablet usually just adopts the appearance of the flagship smartphone.

Galaxy Club’s sources say that the Infinity Display on the Note 8 is already confirmed, putting the rumors and speculations to rest. Another important detail that was verified is that the phablet is to sport Android Nougat upon release.

According to BGR, this is a hint that Note 8 is not going to be released later than Android O, which is expected sometime in Q3. The next software update is believed to be coming more effortlessly to devices than previous versions. Thus, any smartphone to arrive after it should already come out of the box with it.

However, this is only a speculation as Google may be planning to make Android O exclusive to its devices in its first few months. That being said, the next set of Pixel phones should have it at launch, and the rest of the Android devices in the next couple of months. This presents a possibility that Note 8 is still arriving later than Q3.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs

Right now, we only have rumors and leaks to go by, but the recurring ones are accepted by the community to be likely true. One of the most consistent rumors that we’ve been hearing involves the Note 8’s display, which is believed to be the biggest in Samsung’s lineup to date.

Sam Mobile reported of a video appearing on Twitter, showing the alleged glass panel of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It’s notably larger than this year’s flagship smartphones including the 6.2-inch Plus variant. Thus, the 6.3-inch screen that is being rumored might be true after all.

The screen should also have 4K resolution, according to a rumor from way back in January 2017. This is a serious upgrade from Galaxy S8’s 2K display, which is enough for a beautiful experience. The 4K display might be the Note 8’s main selling point along with the dual cameras.

Photos and specs leaks corroborate each other in the Note 8’s camera department, which includes a dual-camera set-up at the back. The Galaxy S8 only has a single-lens rear camera, but it was intended to have dual cameras, Value Walk reported. The plan was ditched to keep the cost low and probably for the Note 8 to have a distinguishing feature from the S8 Plus.

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The embedded fingerprint scanner is also a feature that was originally for the Galaxy S8. However, Samsung failed to have it working in time for the smartphone’s release. Reports assume that the technology will be ready for the Note 8’s release, eliminating the awkwardly placed sensor at the back of the flagship phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should also have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Pro chip paired with 6GB RAM, Inquisitr previously reported. So far, the rumors are painting one powerful and beautiful phablet, which will seriously contend with the Apple and Google flagships that are also set to be released in the second half of the year.

What do you think of the Galaxy Note 8? Will you buy one?

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