‘American Horror Story’ Season 7 Theme: Ryan Murphy Says He’s Taking A Risk

American Horror Story Season 7 has had many different media reports come down the pipe, but there has been no definitive answer for fans of the show as to what the theme is. One thing that Ryan Murphy and the producers for American Horror Story have shown they like to do is keep their fans guessing, but the waiting game can be a risky.

Last year, just before Season 6 of American Horror Story debuted its Roanoke installment, fans had been given many different teaser videos that seemed to allude to a possible theme, but stopped short of announcing it. Come to find out, only one of those many teasers that were released had a portion of the theme in it, and that was the “teeth” teaser that still did not explain what it was about.

But still, fans of American Horror Story clung to every little teaser and waited for the big reveal, which they did not get until the first episode of Season 6 premiered… without the traditional title theme and music.

Ryan Murphy spoke with Deadline and described that he likes to take risks with his shows — and they usually pay off. That includes shows likes Feud, American Crime Story, American Horror Story, Scream Queens, and Glee. However, at what risk would keeping the theme for Season 7 of American Horror Story be for the beloved TV show creator given all of the backlash about Season 6 of AHS?

“I feel every day that everything I create—everything I do—I want it to be a risk,” Ryan Murphy said. “I think when you take the big swings—and I’ve done plenty of big swings that I was told were never going to work—those are always the things that break through.”

That may be the case with bringing a horror anthology series to FX as well his crime and true Hollywood story dramas. But the risk with American Horror Story might come at a cost in Season 7 if he does not deliver some degree of details for the show. As many AHS fans can attest, the Roanoke risk felt more like a bait and switch to get us to watch the show. As it turned out, Roanoke did not go over very well and lacked a jaw-dropping presence on the show.

Change is good, but too much of it too soon can be bad for American Horror Story. Ryan Murphy has spoken about the way he likes to shakes things up in the motion picture industry by taking these risks, but how many can he take before the risks swallow his content up?

“I keep trying to change the industry into the world I want it to look like,” Ryan Murphy said. “I guess it’s just my way of repaying my karmic luck, because it could have gone really badly for me. When I talk to young people, I always tell them the biggest lesson I learned was that you shouldn’t care about the outcome. If it fails, it fails. Every failure will groom you for your next big reward. I lean into fear, because I feel like that excites me as an artist.”

Fear is good. It has worked out very well for Ryan Murphy on American Horror Story over the past six years. But that fear has to keep on getting delivered, and there needs to be a reason for AHS fans to get excited about what’s to come.

As many have already heard, Season 7 of American Horror Story will have some element of the 2016 election mixed in with it. Later reports indicate that Season 7 of American Horror Story will actually start on election night in 2016. But as many fans on social media have already said, they have too much political fatigue going on these days for them to get into an election-themed season on AHS.

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