‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Mysterious ‘Candy Man’ Revealed, Chad And Gabi Heat Up In Island Drama, Jade Records Sex Tape

Today’s Days of Our Lives episode is jam packed with confrontation, trouble, mystery, and new revelations. The gang’s plane went down for an emergency landing, stranding them all together on a deserted island. The island is not what it first seems to be, and the DOOL spoilers suggest the characters will soon figure that out. Chad and Gabi are still trapped on a desert island along with JJ, Paul, Sonny, Eli, and Lani. Not only is the gang learning about themselves and each other, but they are also uncovering the mysteries of the island.

Today’s Days of Our Lives [DOOL] episode 6/2/17 continued with Chad and Gabi’s romantic drama. In the midst of an argument over the amulet, Chad insisted that there is no such thing as bad luck or a curse. In fact, Chad believes that everyone makes their own choices in life. While making his point clear, Chad made a choice to kiss Gabi, and she eagerly kissed him in return.

After their kiss, Gabi was conflicted. She has been fighting her feelings for Chad on since Abigail resurrected in Salem. Chad goes off to scavenge for food, and Eli sits down with Gabi. As an outsider, Eli sees the feelings that both Chad and Gabi share for each other, and he cannot deny that they “belong together.”

During their conversation today on Days, Eli expresses his views to Gabi, trying to convince her that it is okay to move forward with Chad. He confirms to Gabi that she and Chad weren’t doing anything wrong by falling in love when they believed Abigail was dead. Eli urges Gabi to ignore the things that are holding her back, particularly Abigail, and stop denying her true feelings.

During today’s Days of Our Lives [DOOL] episode, Gabi admits to Eli that, although she has tried, she cannot stop loving Chad. At the exact moment Gabi admits Chad is “the one” and has always been “the one,” Chad appears. In true Days of Our Lives fashion, Chad has heard what Gabi said.

In a shocking twist, Chad doesn’t say anything at all. In response to Gabi’s admission, he goes to her, and they engage in a passionate kiss in the sand. Celebrity Dirty Laundry revealed Chad and Gabi spoilers for future episodes of Days of Our Lives.

“They may not make any official changes to their relationship status yet, but they could be a real couple before long. Gabi will face some danger on the island, which means Chad could have a chance to step up and be her hero.”

In another area on the desert island, Sonny and Paul are caught in a deep and heated discussion. Sonny is concerned about the damage that Deimos has caused to Titan while in power and discouraged by the fact that he cannot get back to Salem to fix things.

Paul becomes frustrated with Sonny’s constant ramblings about Deimos and lays into him. Paul tells Sonny that he must concentrate on the things right in front of him and stop worrying about the troubles that he cannot control while on the island. Eventually, Sonny realizes that Paul is right and apologizes.

While Sonny is off gathering lemons for the fish that Paul caught for dinner, Paul gets stung by a mysterious bug. He soon becomes feverish and weak. The scene ended with Paul wandering off in search of Sonny. Spoilers for next week Days of Our Lives reveal that there will be much more to this story line.

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives [DOOL] reveal that JJ (Casey Moss) and Lani (Sal Stowers) will find a journal that reveals the existence of a “jungle fever virus” carried on the island by mosquitoes. When the gang finds out that Paul has been bitten, they sit down to discuss their options. Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that Paul (Christopher Sean) will soon begin to show aggressive symptoms of the sickness.

“Paul will pick up a rock and hurl it at Gabi’s head. Days of Our Lives spoilers state that she’ll be knocked out cold. Chad and the others will make sure Gabi’s OK before they turn their attention to finding Paul. Eli will feel like they need to kill Paul before they all end up dead.”

Back in Salem, Claire is upset that her fan numbers are dropping fast. She has a heart to heart conversation with Jade. Once again, Jade suggests that making a sex tape with Theo will improve Claire’s fan base. Claire adamantly disagrees, but when Theo comes home with a hotel key for a romantic getaway, Jade sees a chance to help Claire out.

Jade enters the hotel room before Claire and Theo and plants a camera on the nightstand. Jade convinces herself that Claire will be thankful for the help. Against the wishes of Claire, Jade plans on uploading a sex video on behalf of the couple. It appears that Jade will continue to wreak havoc in Salem. We can undoubtedly expect fireworks when Claire finds out what Jade has done.

On the other side of town, Deimos is a free man for now. Today, on DOOL, Victor and Deimos have a discussion about the future of Titan. Victor tells his brother that the Titan board had a meeting, pushing Deimos out of Titan and electing Sonny as the new CEO.

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With extra time on his hands, Deimos can up the distribution of Halo. Days episode 6/2/17 revealed Deimos as “The Candy Man,” Salem’s most wanted drug lord. Since Deimos seems to be the uncatchable criminal on Days, Rafe and Hope have their work cut out for them.

Today’s episode of Days, and the DOOL spoilers, teased an interest-packed upcoming week. Days of Our Lives airs on NBC weekdays. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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