Marilyn Monroe’s Home Sells Over Asking Price, But Is It Haunted By Her Ghost? Some Say Yes

The house where legendary Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe died has sold for over the asking price, but some say the home is haunted by her ghost. According to reports by Redfin, the Spanish hacienda located at 12305 5th Helena Drive in Los Angeles sold for $7,250,000, on May 31, 2017, just one day before Monroe would have turned 91-years-old. It was the only home Marilyn Monroe owned during her life and was where she died on August 5, 1962. The L.A. Times reported the home sold for $325,000 more than the asking price. Mercer Vine’s Lisa Optican, who specializes in luxury property, sold the home that has been the subject of paranormal ghost chasers and those seeking the occasional spooky thrill.

Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood home was the setting for a LIFE 1962 interview taken just weeks before Monroe’s untimely death that has been attributed to an accidental barbiturate overdose. In the interview, Monroe spoke about the house and gave interviewer Richard Meryman a personal tour. The article stated the following.

“Before starting what was to be no less than a six-hour talk, she wanted to show me her house which she had personally searched out and bought. Describing it earlier she exclaimed, ‘…and it has walls.’ She had refused LIFE any pictures of it, saying, ‘I don’t want everybodyto see exactly where I live, what my sofa or my fireplace looks like. Do you know the book Everyman? Well, I want to stay just in the fantasy of Everyman.'”

Now, the home that Marilyn Monroe had wanted to keep private has become the subject of videos, social media fanfare, and fodder for those looking for her spirit around every nook and cranny. While some believe that Marilyn Monroe’s ghost haunts L.A.’s Roosevelt Hotel as Curbed Los Angeles noted, others feel her spirit resides in her Brentwood home where she lived and died. There are others who believe her spirit moves between the two locations.

Curbed Los Angeles reported the following.

“Not even death can keep many of those stars away now. Marilyn Monroe, the busiest ghost in the biz, supposedly haunts her old room (1200), where she lived as her fame grew; it’s rumored that her first ad was shot at the Roosevelt’s pool. Many see Marilyn in the mirror.”

Here is a collection of videos by those who believe they have witnessed Marilyn Monroe’s ghost as she haunts the Roosevelt Hotel.

The Roosevelt Hotel may be one spot believers feel they’ve seen Marilyn Monroe’s ghost, but many also swear they’ve seen her spirit at her Brentwood home. Some have passed by the gate only to state they’ve viewed odd shapes, seen faces, or even heard the sound of Marilyn’s cat nearby. According to Zillow, Marilyn’s ghost not only haunts the Brentwood house and the hotel but has also been witnessed at her crypt located at Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park.

Check out the video below where the videographer believes Marilyn’s ghost was caught on tape at the gate to her home.

According to Exemplore, Marilyn Monroe’s ghost isn’t limited to her crypt, Brentwood house, or the Roosevelt Hotel, but also include locations such as her Cadillac and Hollywood Star of Fame. Other reported locations where one might encounter a Marilyn Monroe haunting is the White House and any random place in Hollywood. By all accounts; however, the most popular locations for paranormal encounters with Marilyn’s ghost are the Roosevelt Hotel and her Brentwood home. You may see photos of Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood house as it appeared throughout the years in the videos below. Also, note that one of the videos contains footage obtained the day Marilyn’s body was discovered in the home by her housekeeper.

What do you think? Do you believe that Marilyn Monroe’s ghost continues to haunt Hollywood and her house? Should the new owners of 12305 5th Helena Drive be worried they bought a haunted house?

[Featured Image by Milton Greene Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc./AP Photo]

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