How Far Will Barbara Evans Go To Keep Custody Of Grandson Jace? Apparently Further Than Jenelle Thought!

Teen Mom franchise fans are well aware of the custody battle between Barbara Evans and her daughter Jenelle Evans. In 2010 Jenelle had signed custody of her son, Jace, over to her mother because of her on-going legal troubles. As time past, and Jenelle learned how to avoid police activity, she began to want her son back, but Baraba has blocked that at every turn.

Barbara Evans and her daughter met up for court again on May 24 for the next phase of the custody battle. Before going before a judge for a ruling, the two sat down to try mediation. In the end, they both signed off on a mutually acceptable resolution. Barbara Evans will continue to have full-time custody, but Jenelle will have a more generous visitation schedule. And now that things are settled, the behind-the-scenes backup plan of Barbara is coming out.

Jenelle and her fiance David Eason have a strained relationship with his sister, Jessica Lenn Eason. Apparently, the beef has been going on for quite some time. It started on social media after Jessica had hung out with David’s baby and baby momma. She had posted a message to Jenelle reminding her to look out for her own children and not worry about her nephew, whom she would see whenever she wanted to. Jenelle, on the other hand, had been offended that David had not gotten an apology from Jessica considering he had been charged with a protective order violation for running into his son in the grocery store. Even after apologies, the relationship has not totally mended.

Jessica Lenn Eason reported to Radar Online that Barbara knew about the problems between them and had wanted to use that in the custody battle. Assuming that Jessica would divulge some information, Barbara Evans’ side had her subpoenaed. She spoke to Jenelle’s attorney a day before the court date, to let her side know she planned on saying nothing that would help Barbara. She would stand by her brother and future sister-in-law in the custody battle for Jace. The mediation settlement put an end to the whole scenario, however. No need for a hearing in front of the judge and no need for Jessica to have to testify. Or was the mediation agreement something actually forced by Barbara Evans by calling on Jessica as a potential witness that would be testifying under oath?

Ever since the successful mediation, there has plenty of snarks and remarks from both camps. Barbara Evans has said that she doesn’t like her future son-in-law or her daughter, even though she still loves Jenelle. The Teen Mom has threatened to write a tell-all book exposing the truth about Barbara, so people will finally understand. But why? They supposedly had a mediation and came to an agreement.

The custody battle between Barbara Evans and her daughter has not had its last chapter yet. There will be more trips back to court in the future over where Jace will reside. Mother and daughter will have no choice, at some point, but to find a way to communicate and function as role models for young Jace, as well as his siblings. The welfare of the children is what is really at stake here, not the exposure of family secrets.

Do you think details of the custody battle for Jace will be shown on Teen Mom 2? Have you wondered why Barbara has managed to keep custody of Jace when Jenelle has been successful in a custody face-off before? Do you think David Eason is a good father figure for their children? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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