National Doughnut Day 2017: Where Can You Get Free Doughnuts Today? Full List Of Stores Offering Freebies

It’s National Doughnut Day 2017, and that means one thing — free doughnuts!

The day celebrating America’s favorite sweet breakfast treat means a number of large chains are offering the chance to get a doughnut for free, and here you can find a full list of those that are participating.

National Doughnut Day is celebrated on the first Friday of June each year, starting in 1938 when members of the Salvation Army in Chicago served free doughnuts to veterans of World War I, the San Francisco Chronicle noted.

The concept for National Doughnut Day had actually started more than two decades before, just as the war kicked off. The Salvation Army sent a team of volunteers to France during the war to find ways to better serve soldiers and came up with the concept of establishing small tented centers that offered comfort services to soldiers, including baked goods or supplies to write home. Because it was difficult to get fresh baked goods to these huts, the Salvation Army started offering doughnuts to the soldiers.

The volunteers who served these doughnuts came to be known as “doughnut girls.” and the concept was later shifted to America in the wake of the war when the Salvation Army established the day in 1938.

In the decades that followed, National Doughnut Day grew into a chance for bakeries and doughnut shops to draw in customers by offering some freebies. This has increased greatly in the last few years, with some locations now tying it into pre-existing customer reward programs.

The sweet treats have an average of 200 to 400 calories each, so if you’re thinking of hitting up all the locations, remember to pace yourself.

So, where can you find free doughnuts on National Doughnut Day 2017? The USA Today has a full list of which stores and bakeries are offering the freebies.

• Cumberland Farms: Select locations will offer customers a free doughnut with the purchase of a beverage. The list of participating locations can be found at “new concept” locations that can be found through the company’s location search.

Duck Donuts: Free doughnut with any purchase and customers also receive a coupon for a free half dozen doughnuts with the purchase of another half dozen. Locations can be found here.

• Dunkin’ Donuts: Free doughnut with the purchase of a beverage. Locations can be found here.

• Entenmann’s: The company is offering the chance to win free doughnuts for a year.

• Fractured Prune Doughnuts: Free “OC Sand” doughnuts at participating locations.

• Honey Dew Donuts: Free Coco Loco Donut with the purchase of a beverage. Locations can be found here.

• Krispy Kreme: Free doughnut with no purchase necessary. Locations can be found here.

• LaMar’s Donuts: Free doughnut for customers who show the company’s Golden Ticket on a smartphone. Locations cab be found here.

• Martin’s Super Market: Free doughnut or $1 off a dozen donuts. Locations can be found here.

• Shipley Do-Nuts: Free glazed doughnut with a purchase, available from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. Locations can be found here.

• Tim Hortons: Free classic doughnut with coffee purchase, but only when you mention National Doughnut Day. Locations can be found here.

• Wawa: Free doughnut with coffee purchase for Wawa Rewards members. Locations can be found here.

Some of the deals are time sensitive or only while supplies last, so it’s best to get out as early as you can to take advantage of the National Doughnut Day freebies.

There will likely be many locally owned stores offering a free doughnut on National Doughnut Day 2017, so if you don’t see your favorite ones listed here, it might be best to go over and check out if they’re participating.

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