‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: The Week Of June 5 Through June 9 Brings More Trouble For The Stranded Salemites

Days of Our Lives has been following the Salemites all around the globe recently. All are safely back in Salem, with the exception of those who were on the plane flown by Sonny. The group remains stranded on an uninhabited island, and as time passes, they learn that the island has secrets.

Next week will be a short week for Days of Our Lives fans as the show is pre-empted on Thursday and Friday. We don’t need a spoiler to tell us to expect a cliffhanger on Wednesday. As for what happens at the beginning of the week, we have that here for you. The following contains Days of Our Lives spoilers, so stop reading now if you don’t want to know.

The ever-sneaky Jade is up to her tricks again. This time she includes Claire in her drama, and it causes trouble for both of the teens. Days of Our Lives fans will see Claire become livid at Jade as the two now have a major beef.

John is trying to reach Paul, but he can’t get through to him. It doesn’t take long for the Salemites to put the pieces of the puzzle together to realize there has been a plane crash. As word spreads through the town, Justin and Adrienne turn to each other for support. Marlena joins John in his search for his son and the rest of the island gang, but the ISA has other plans for him. John is being called back for an assignment.

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Days of Our Lives fans will see that Abigail is having second thoughts regarding marrying Dario, and she turns to Raines for help. As Abigail asks him to check into Dario for her, she gets more than she bargained for. Raines finds something that interests him enough that Dario is now in his sights.

According to SheKnows Soaps, the castaways continue to face new problems. Days of Our Lives fans will see the panic that sets in when Eli goes missing, and there are more problems coming their way. Paul becomes sick with a mystery illness, and Gabi ends up getting knocked out cold by him. Sonny is trying to get a grip and get things under control so that he can begin to figure out what is wrong with his normally mild-mannered significant other. Days of Our Lives fans know from experience that there is some evil force at work here to cause so many problems for the castaways. Could it have anything to do with the amulet that Chad refuses to give up?

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Back in Salem, Tripp crosses a line. He takes things a little too far, too fast as he continues his ill-directed quest to find the one responsible for the death of his mother. Days of Our Lives fans will see Steve in a tight spot once again as he continues to do his best to protect Joey.

Spoilers warned Days of Our Lives fans to prepare for another visit by Daniel to Nicole in jail. He is still on her side and supportive of her. His visit is just what she needs to give her the strength and hope she so desperately needs for what she is going through.

What do you think is behind all the problems for the Days of Our Lives castaways? Is Chad’s amulet the cause, or could it be something Deimos is behind? Will the group be able to contain the illness before others are infected? Is Steve going to be able to keep Tripp from finding out the truth regarding his mother’s death? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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