‘Big Brother 18’ Alum Natalie Negrotti Reveals She Was A Victim Of Cyberbullying

Big Brother 18 alum Natalie Negrotti has had a rough couple months, following her painful breakup with James Huling. However, the former reality TV star took to YouTube to address an issue that was important to her.

Negrotti claimed that she had been a victim of cyberbullying. Apparently, she thinks that social media users have lied about her and has repeatedly called her fake. She added that it had caused her emotional distress. She wanted to go on record to say that if any of her followers ever cyberbully, she will block them immediately.

Natalie Is A Victim

In her YouTube video, Negrotti claims that she was a victim of cyberbullying. She said that certain social media users and writers have bullied her and “made up lies” about her, all to discredit her. She added that there are people that have killed themselves over cyberbullying. Apparently, she never thought about doing that because she has an extensive support system, but she sees how that could be an option for someone that has no one in their corner.

The video seems to reference a scandal that Natalie wasn’t completely honest about a charity donation. There was a rumor on Twitter that she only donated $40 of the $200 she raised for the charity. From there, it got really ugly between Negrotti and the Big Brother fans. Even six weeks later, there is noticeable tense between Natalie’s fans and the BB18 fans on social media.

Negrotti Wants To Live A Positive Life

The Big Brother 18 alum just intends to live a positive life. In the video, Natalie explained that she just wants to live a positive life and doesn’t have “room in her life” for negative people. She claimed that she gives to charity because it makes her feel good and isn’t doing it to make any sort of profit. She went on to say that if any of her followers that she knows personally cyberbullies anyone, she will immediately block them and never speak to them again. Negrotti added that she believes those who are on a “witch hunt” against her, need to look within themselves. She implied that they are miserable, unhappy people.

Natalie said that she intends to do what makes her happy — her charity work, making her choker necklaces, working out, and spending time with her family.

No Mention Of James Huling In the Video

Negrotti and Huling broke up several months ago. Since the breakup, there has been tension between them. According to James, Natalie sent him a cease and desist letter, ordering him to stop talking negatively about her.

In her six-minute video, Natalie never brings James up. She talks about how the Big Brother fans supported her while she was on the show and how much she appreciated it. Negrotti never really goes into details about what the “lies” were about her or offered any proof that those on social media were lying about her.

Natalie’s video seems to be some sort of rant mixed in with a public service announcement. She started the video crying about how cyberbullying is wrong and how it affected her life personally only to shift into a rant about how she only interacts with positive people.

Natalie Negrotti made her Twitter and Instagram private, hoping it would fend off some of the cyberbullying or attacks on her character. Her lawyer likely advised her to secure her social media accounts, since she admitted that she had been in contact with an attorney regarding the social media attacks on her character.

Big Brother 18 fans, do you think Natalie Negrotti was a victim of cyberbullying on social media? Do you still support her? Watch the video and sound off in the comments section below.

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