Savannah Brinson Pictures: Wife Of LeBron James Gives Intimate Glimpse Into Their Private Life

Savannah Brinson is making her annual trip into the spotlight, with the wife of LeBron James in a familiar place as his team once again kicks off the NBA Finals.

James has now reached the finale of the NBA season for the seventh consecutive season, a run that hasn’t been matched in the last 50 years. While there is plenty of attention on James as he leads the Cleveland Cavaliers in their third straight matchup against the Golden State Warriors, Brinson is getting her share of attention as well.

As the NBA Finals started, Brinson’s name and pictures were trending across social media, with many looking to learn more about the woman who has been married to James for the last four years and together for more than a decade.

James and Brinson were high school sweethearts in Akron, Ohio, and have remained together through LeBron’s entire NBA tenure. After LeBron proposed on New Year’s Eve 2011, the couple tied the knot back in 2013.

As LeBron said, the two are a perfect fit.

“A person like myself always needs a great sidekick and a person you can rely on no matter the circumstances. And she’s that,” James told Harper’s Bazaar in a 2010 interview. “She’s got my back and I love her for that.”

Savannah and LeBron has three children together, boys LeBron Jr. and Bryce and daughter Zhuri. Savannah frequently shares pictures of the family on social media, giving a more intimate glimpse into their family life.

While Savannah Brinson mostly stays on the sidelines, she has done interviews from time to time, and her husband has shared a bit about their personal life as well. Earlier this year, LeBron made an appearance on teammate Richard Jefferson’s Road Trippin’ podcast and talked about an apology he gave to his wife.

As Vibe noted, LeBron described how his drive to make his team the best in the NBA can sometimes be tricky for his family dynamic.

“I just told my wife the other day, I apologized to her. She was like ‘What are you apologizing for?’ I said, ‘Because the journey that I’m on to want to be the greatest to ever play this game or to the point where no one ever forgets what I accomplished, I’ve at times lost the fact of how important you are to this whole thing. … I want you to understand that along this journey while I’m playing this game there will be times that I lose the fact of how important you and my three kids are – my babies are.’ “

While LeBron and Savannah are a quiet couple by NBA standards — no reality show appearance or talk shows for Savannah, like some other NBA wives — they are not immune from the rumor mill. There have been reports of LeBron James cheating, including rumors that he and Rihanna were secretly an item.

Just before the start of the 2016 NBA Playoffs, there were rumors that LeBron had a secret fling with an Instagram model.

“Rumors started swirling Tuesday that Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James was cheating on wife Savannah Brinson with Instagram model Rachel Bush,” the International Business Times reported. “Screenshots of their purported direct message conversations were slathered over the internet.”

There was never any kind of confirmation of either rumor, and LeBron didn’t speak out on them either.

LeBron James and wife Savannah Brinson could still have more spotlight to come. Brinson has gotten plenty of screen time in each of LeBron’s previous trips to the NBA Finals, and even more when he’s led his teams to the title.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for ESPY]

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