‘The Flash’ Season 4 Villain Revealed — Discover Who ‘The Thinker’ Is

The Flash Season 3 has come to a close and we’re entering a new era of this DC mainstay on TV. Though there are a lot of debates on the said downturn of Barry Allen’s storytelling, fans have now set their eyes on what the show will offer for Season 4.

According to MoviePilot, The Flash Season 4 will have a more interesting take on its villains. In the following season, The Flash will feature Clifford DeVoe. However, this may not come as a surprise to some who have speculated on the highlight since Season 3.

DeVoe’s involvement in Season 4 may have had a couple of hints from the previous season.

“Ironically, this sneaky clue came from none other than Savitar himself, the speedster villain who has plagued Team Flash for the past 23 episodes,” according to Movie Pilot.

There was a scene where “Emo Barry,” “Slightly Less Emo Barry,” and Iris revealed that it is possible the new bad guy for Season 4 has already been featured before.

“I remember everything… this is where we came up with cerebral inhibitor to use against DeVoe.”

DeVoe, aka The Thinker, has now been confirmed as the Season 4 villain, according to TV Line. This will also be the first time the Crimson Comet will not be dealing with The Flash. According to showrunner Andrew Kreisberg, speedster will not be present in the Season 4 fighting.

Who Is Clifford DeVoe, The Thinker?

Clifford DeVoe used to be a normal guy who was born in Keystone City in 1910. At a young age, DeVoe has already showed a high level of intelligence and he eventually used his skills as a district attorney. But DeVoe’s first case would be a controversial one, tackling a known mob boss, Hunk Norvock. DeVoe lost the case because he could not stand the court’s questioning on the woman he was defending.

His first failure as a D.A. has brought him so much despair that he had become an alcoholic. One night, as he was visiting Norvock, drunk, he had offered his unused skills as “The Thinker,” preparing alibis and legal routs for the criminal organization. Here, DeVoe found a place where he could belong.

DeVoe’s journey would not be an easy one. He also stayed on the down low before his path intersected with the Flash. He was almost anonymous for about 10 years until Norvock’s jealous members threatened to put him under the bus.

DeVoe has then dived in to protect himself. He penetrated the police station to steal the evidence, but this led to him killing two lieutenants.

Norvock got concerned of DeVoe and planned to kill him, but he was tricked into shooting a reflection in a steel mirror and the bullet ricocheted and killed him. By the time the police arrived, DeVoe was nowhere to be found. This was where his alias “The Thinker” was marked across criminal organizations.

The Thinker would then encounter The Flash, who was able to successfully imprison him. The two would become mortal enemies, but DeVoe never stopped innovating, thinking of new ways to beat The Flash.

DeVoe has then transformed himself as an eagle-turned-supervillain with amazing artificial intelligence and telekinesis powers.

If this would be linked together with a massive mastermind coordination with the best criminals in the city, DeVoe would be a very big problem for The Flash.

However, one of the major issues of the show coming into Season 4 is the fans’ perception on the massive steering on Barry Allen’s character. When the show premiered, he used to be the cool, easy-going guy, less serious than Oliver Queen. But over the past seasons, he has been dubbed as the “Emo Barry” because of the dire emotions the character has portrayed.

So, one of the biggest questions on Season 4 would have to be, “Will DeVoe be able to reignite The Flash that the fans loved in the beginning?”


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