Meek Mill Jealous Over Nicki Minaj, Nas Dating Reports: How The Rapper Is Coping Months After Split

Meek Mill is beyond jealous after hearing about Nicki Minaj’s relationship with Nas, it has been revealed.

Hollywood Life claims that the female rapper’s decision to move on with her new beau, just six months after calling it quits with Meek Mill, has left the “It’s Me” star enraged — he’s filled with jealousy over his former flame’s new romance.

It’s further stressed that even though Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj are no longer a couple, the 30-year-old still finds himself lurking on his ex-girlfriend’s social media pages to see what she’s getting up to — and to have seen the photo of Nicki and Nas just totally broke his heart.

Meek Mill knows that his romance with Nicki is officially over and that the chances of a reconciliation are second to none, E! Online reported earlier this year, but seeing her flaunt her romance with Nas on social media has definitely left him annoyed — so much that he totally lost it when the romance was confirmed by Minaj on Ellen.

She admitted that she was definitely seeing the “If I Ruled The World” hitmaker, adding that though she has remained celibate in recent months, she would overrule her decision to refrain from sex if her relationship with the iconic rapper continues to head down the path it has in the last couple of weeks.

It’s important to acknowledge that Nicki’s romance with Nas is still fairly new, so though she has made plans to abstain from sex, because she’s heavily attracted to her new beau, she wouldn’t want to jeopardize her chances to be in a committed relationship with the 43-year-old because she had initially said she wasn’t going to date men for at least a year.

It turns out that Meek Mill’s ex-girlfriend is head over heels in love and he’s not happy about it.

“Meek, 30, might act like he doesn’t care about Nicki and who she’s hanging with, but for someone who ‘doesn’t care’ he’s always creeping on her social, so yeah, of course, he does,” the insider reveals. “You know the Nas rumors must be driving Meek insane, and you bet he’s jealous.”

“Meek Mill is always doing shit to try and get Nicki’s attention, so even though he publicly acts like he’s over her, he’s clearly isn’t. Meek Mill has a history with Nas, so the fact Nicki’s getting with him of all people has gotta sting like crazy.”

While Meek Mill is livid over his ex-girlfriend’s relationship, reports affirm that Nicki is taking things slow with her new romance.

When she got together with Meek Mill, she was known to have rushed into it after convincing herself that he was going to be the man she would spend the rest of her life with, come to find out that after two years together, he wasn’t the one for her, after all.

Nas has a lot of respect for Minaj, so if she chooses to take things slow, he’s totally down for that. A source shares, saying that while the twosome has known each other for years, they haven’t gotten to know each other on a personal level, so now that they are dating, both Nicki and Nas are still figuring things out between one another.

From what’s been gathered, however, they are both connected to one another.

While Meek Mill may be saddened to hear that his ex-girlfriend has moved on from their romance, the rapper will certainly be looking forward to dropping his forthcoming album under MMG Records, with sources saying that a release date will soon be announced.

Fans will be mistaken if they think Nicki won’t find herself getting dissed on some of Meek Mill’s new songs, it’s been stressed.

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