Farrah Abraham’s Dad, Michael, Weighs In On Matt Baier Skipping The Reunion Special

Farrah Abraham’s family has a lot to say about the other cast members of Teen Mom OG, and her father, Michael, is no different. On the last season of Teen Mom OG, Michael almost got into a fistfight with Matt Baier, Amber Portwood’s fiancé. Somehow during the taping, Michael ended up in a ball on the floor after Farrah Abraham and Amber almost came to blows themselves.

So, of course, Michael had something to say about the possible split between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier and the fact that Baier is skipping the reunion taping for surgery.

According to Baier, he and Amber are still an item. He’s even been posting lovey-dovey photos of the pair on his social media and has been saying any rumor of the pair no longer being together is “complete BS.” But Farrah Abraham’s dad has a different take on him not attending the reunion, in addition to a possible “Mamber” split.

“I saw the rumors … so called surgery… possibly a real break up from Amber… we will have to see. But I’ll say this – if he’s not there it shows he is not committed to supporting Amber no matter what ….. AND he is NOT committed to the MTV Teen Mom franchise. And yes, I can say this. I’ve been here supporting my daughter from the beginning and he has NOT. We all knew the filming date…. we were all informed – there is NO excuse for him to not be there, unless he is finished,” Michael told Starcasm.

Michael was asked about his plan to deal with Matt should he actually show up to the reunion. However, Farrah Abraham’s dad believes that Matt actually assaulted him.

“There was no plan regarding ‘Him’. If there was any hope it would have been Matt possibly apologizing for assaulting me last October and taking responsibility for his actions. A ‘real’ apology could close this matter. Only Amber and Matt resorted to physical actions that day, and name calling does not justify any physical violence. This issue is not over, and this time Matt might not be able to sidestep his responsibilities,” he said.

As far as a “Mamber” split, Michael says he will believe it when he sees it. He has accused Amber and Matt of manipulating their audience and stated that their production team is often also in on it. Amber hasn’t weighed in on whether she and Matt have broken up, and only defended him via a lie detector test that others online accused the pair of purchasing in order to evade the fact that Matt had cheated on her.

Farrah Abraham’s father stated that if Matt and Amber have truly broken up, he would be incredibly happy for Amber, as she deserves to better her life. It seems like almost everyone is in agreement that Amber should drop Matt. You know things are bad when your arch rival and her dad are rooting for you to drop your man.

Although Michael seems to have a lot to say on the matter, Farrah Abraham herself has been fairly quiet. She received an invite to the nuptials, which were supposed to take place in October. It is unclear if it is still happening, but Farrah and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran, declined the invite in the rudest way possible.

Farrah called the two scam artists and Simon told media outlets he thought the wedding would be a circus, and since he hasn’t been to one in a while, he might find it fun.

Farrah Abraham and Michael will likely have a lot to chat about on the Teen Mom OG reunion special, with or without Matt, especially since Farrah has admitted she and her mother have stopped speaking.

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