Amber Rose Hired Armed Guards After Break In, Claims She Was Hacked And Beyonce Tweet Was Not Her

Amber Rose has been dealing with a lot of drama lately, from the scary break-in at her home to that perceived shade throwing she was accused of after a shocking Beyonce post hit social media. Despite all of that, Amber manages to keep herself composed while appearing on the Domenick Nati Show where she shared all kinds of secrets about her life, including the identity of her celebrity crush and what she has planned for her next tattoo.

In case anyone was planning to pull a copycat move and try to watch Amber Rose sleep, don’t do it. Muva is making sure she doesn’t have any more surprise guests after last month. Apparently, Amber woke up to find a broken window in her kitchen. Alarmed by the discovery, she checked the security footage and found out that a mystery man came in through the broken kitchen window and just hung out in Amber’s Tarzana home for about four hours before letting himself back out. Amber was asleep in her house the whole time!

Amber said that the police might have been able to identify who broke into her home based on the surveillance video but so far, they haven’t sent her any pictures or told her who it was. The event did affect her emotionally though, and Amber says that since the break in, she’s definitely been feeling a lot more paranoid.

While talking to Domenick Nati, Amber Rose revealed that she hired armed guards to keep her safe from here on out. She told Nati that the scene outside her home isn’t like “Nigeria” where there are guards armed with machine guns or anything like that. Just that she hired security and they are all licensed to carry a firearm. Anyone who might think to break into her home might be met with gunfire, so hopefully, no one else will attempt it.

Amber Rose also talked about that “Becky with the short hair” tweet that got the Beyhive buzzing all over her social media just one day after learning that someone broke into her house. It’s unclear if the two events are related, but they are so close together that it wouldn’t be surprising — especially since the intruder was in Muva’s home for four hours before leaving. What all did he get into? Could he have sent the Beyonce tweet?

In any case, Amber Rose says she didn’t send the Beyonce tweet. She also says that she didn’t send the one about Tyga either. Amber says both tweets were the result of being hacked and left it at that. In her own defense in the days following the Beyonce tweet and her hacked Twitter account, Amber posted pictures of herself with Beyonce and admitted that she cried when she met the “Lemonade” singer.

As for Tyga, Amber Rose said that she likes him a lot and that the “Rack City” rapper has never been anything but nice to her. That said, she’d never date him because Tyga is Blac Chyna’s baby daddy. Since Chyna is her best friend, that crosses some major boundaries for Amber.

Also during the Domenick Nati Show interview, Amber said that she talks to Wiz Khalifa every single day. Amber went to bat for Wiz, defending the rapper after he received a bit of wrath regarding his Memorial Day picture where he said the day was all about eating, drinking and sitting by the pool. Muva said that Khalifa’s parents were both in the military and that he was definitely taken out of context.

Speaking of another ex, Amber Rose said that she and Val Chmerkovskiy are still friends. She still talks to him often, and their recent and sudden split had more to do with being too busy than anything else. They are still friends though, and she said things would probably work out better that way.

Be sure to listen to the rest of the Amber Rose interview on the Domenick Nati Show above and tell us what you think of Muva’s many claims, including when she said she hadn’t had plastic surgery. Do you believe it?

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