Jessica Simpson Reportedly Suffering From Drug And Alcohol Abuse, Family Has Tried To Intervene

According to insiders who are well acquainted with the Simpson family, former pop star Jessica Simpson has been suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. The star is said to have been suffering ever since her father, Joe Simpson, was diagnosed with cancer in late 2016. And while the family patriarch has since made a full recovery, it seems Jessica is still struggling.

An insider revealed that friends and family attempted to intervene, but it turned into a disaster.

“It’s gotten out of control. The family dinner started off as a nice conversation about how she should maybe cut back on her workouts and dieting, but it turned into a heated fight. [Her sister] Ashlee [Simpson] really called her out and told her she needed to get help, but Jessica freaked and ran out in tears. Now everyone’s on pins and needles about what to do.”

Jessica Simpson’s recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show was dubbed “a train wreck” by several media outlets. The star was said to have told “meandering anecdotes” about her life that didn’t seem to make a lot of sense to Ellen or the members of her audience. It was also dubbed “Anna Nicole level of incoherent,” which is pretty bad.

The star definitely appeared to be out of it during her interview, and sources are claiming that she’s not only resorting to binge eating but is also popping pills and drinking, which could explain why her interview with Ellen was so bizarre.

The former pop star was seen giggling throughout the interview and flubbing really easy questions, including how long she had been married. She also told Ellen that she thought her husband massaged her back while he was asleep, though Ellen contested this actually happened.

The source revealed that Jessica Simpson is currently taking medication for her anxiety, which makes her appear to act outlandishly at times.

“The combination of the meds and drinking scotch and vodka has [sometimes] made her disoriented. It’s very sad to see her in such a state,” they said.

Apparently, the source states that Jessica Simpson has also been abusing Adderall in addition to her anxiety medication. The insider reports that her drug and alcohol abuse began after her father was diagnosed with cancer. However, In Touch Weekly reports that Jessica Simpson’s husband, Eric Johnson, was poised to leave her if she didn’t go to rehab.

Jessica Simpson is the mother of two beautiful young children and is currently working as a fashion designer. She has stated that she thinks its funny that people are surprised they like her clothes, but reveals it is likely because she used to be a “cheesy pop star back in the day.” Despite the fact that people may be embarrassed to wear her label, the mom of two’s company rakes in $1 billion a year.

The star has recently battled pregnancy rumors, but she has stated that she is definitely not pregnant, revealing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she had an IUD and “nothing was getting inside there.”

Although she hasn’t performed in a long while as a singer, Jessica Simpson says that she is working on new music. She stated that her husband has never seen her perform and she’s working on changing that in the near future. The star recently purchased Ozzy Osbourne’s house which she uses as a recording studio and where she is making most of her new music. She told Ellen DeGeneres that she had written 38, or 36 or 39 songs, but she wasn’t quite sure. While DeGeneres said she doubted the star had been able to do that, Jessica Simpson assured her she was and was very impressed with herself.

If the star does have substance abuse problems, hopefully she can get them sorted out sooner rather than later.

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