The ‘Mountain Monsters’ AIMS Team Scrambles To Solve The Dark Woods Mystery [Spoilers]

The Mountain Monsters AIMS (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings) team seems to be under attack from all sides. Over the course of the current season of Mountain Monsters, they have had to deal with the Rogue Team, the Woman of the Woods, the Dark Wolf, a shimmering humanoid-shaped cryptid, and another rival team that has infiltrated the Dark Woods. When it seems as though the Mountain Monsters team can’t handle much more, they discover even more shocking truths about what hides inside the Dark Woods.

On the previous episode titled “The Secret of the Little Girl,” the Mountain Monsters group discovered that Buck was the one who needed to make contact with her. Monsters and Critics shared that Buck had to escape from the rival team that was attempting to abduct him for their own nefarious purposes, but he did make it back to the Three Rings, where he performed the ritual that Jeff attempted. Buck is successful and the little girl appears, but so does the rival team. She vanishes, and after avoiding the other team, he is left pondering what his next step should be in regard to solving the mystery of the Dark Woods.

The Mountain Monsters season finale, titled “The Blood Skull and Woman of the Woods,” reveals that Buck has the nagging feeling that the AIMS team has missed something, and he decides to return to the cabin where they found Trapper earlier in the season. He wants to look at the photos that line the walls again, hoping something will stand out that can help him to begin to uncover some answers the Mountain Monsters team so desperately needs.

Meanwhile, a sneak-peek video of the Mountain Monsters final episode posted by Critical Blast shares that Jeff tells the rest of the AIMS team that he believes what the rival team is hiding in an old barn could help them understand what they are after and why they want Buck. Obviously, Buck can communicate with the little girl, who may be the key to unlocking the mystery of the Dark Woods, but there may be another reason the other team is so eager to get their hands on him.

What the Mountain Men team discovers in the barn is dark and unsettling, but it is obvious that the rival team is definitely after something in the Dark Woods and they are leaving no stone unturned. The Mountain Monsters men leave the barn when members of the rival team return, and the Mountain Monsters team decides to regroup in a nearby shed when Jeff’s nose begins to bleed heavily and he has trouble staying on his feet. Buck begins to remember what happened to him when he disappeared for over two hours, and although he knows from the video on his phone that he was with the little girl, he couldn’t recall what was said. When he does finally remember what he said in regard to knowing why Jeff’s nose bleeds, he gives Huckleberry a call and proceeds to tell him what the rest of the Mountain Monsters team needs to do, which won’t be a pleasant experience for Jeff.

As Buck continues through the forest, what he discovers leaves him confused, and the little girl appears again. This time she is pointing at something, and what he discovers leaves him stunned. As he tries to digest what he is seeing, Mountain Monsters shared to their Twitter page a video that shows a terrifying encounter he has with the Woman of the Woods. As he flees the forest and reaches his truck, he is shocked to see the man from the Rogue Team who spoke to them from behind the two-way mirror sitting inside. After being instructed to put down the camera and get in, Buck makes what could be a dangerous and fateful decision.

Mountain Monsters has had plenty of cliffhangers this season, and the final episode is no exception. Some questions were answered on this season of Mountain Monsters, so fans will definitely be watching for news that the series will be returning for another season. After all, there’s still a lot to wrap up in regard to what’s going on in the Dark Woods.

Are you a fan of Mountain Monsters? Do you think the AIMS team will be able to uncover what is going on in the Dark Woods and what the other team wants? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning Mountain Monsters below. For those who can’t wait for the season finale to air on Destination America, the final episode is available now on Destination GO. For everyone else, the season finale of Mountain Monsters airs on Saturday, June 3 at 10 p.m. ET on Destination America.

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