MacBook Pro 2017 Release Date: Why It’s A Good Idea To Wait Until Next Week Before Buying A Laptop

Prospective laptop buyers should probably wait a bit more before making their purchase. If speculations are indeed correct, the highly anticipated MacBook Pro 2017 release date could be revealed very soon.

Buyers hunting for the perfect professional-grade laptop might want to heed the recommendation of Tech Radar to wait just for a few more days. According to the publication, there are hints that Apple could be unveiling the newest MacBook Pro 2017 release date during the upcoming WWDC 2017 conference. And that’s only a few days from now.

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is an annual event started by the tech giant in 1990 and used as a venue to showcase its latest technological products such as the latest software as well as the newest models for its numerous gadget lines. This year, the WWDC 2017 is scheduled this coming June 5 to 9 and, according to numerous speculations, the event would be used to launch the 2017 model of its premiere laptop line, the MacBook Pro.

At the moment, it even appears that Apple is subtly telling buyers to postpone their laptop purchases for a few more days. Keen-eyed observers were quick to note that the delivery dates for the current 15-inch MacBook Pro in its online store have been pushed out. Apple is offering a very delayed free delivery by June 6-8 which, incidentally, is right in the middle of the WWDC event.

However, it appears that only the free delivery dates for the 15-inch MacBook Pro model are delayed. For instance, Apple will still deliver for free within 24 hours for purchases of the 13-inch models. This presents the possibility that the tech giant could be planning to unveil a new version in the coming WWDC 2017 but only for the 15-inch model, according to MacRumors. In past releases, Apple opted to stagger the launch of different models of the MacBook Pro. For instance, the 15-inch model of the laptop was released in June, 2012, while the 13-inch model was launched only by October of the same year.

Of course, the delayed delivery for the current 15-inch MacBook model could also be caused by other factors not necessarily related to the rumored release of the 2017 version. A possible explanation is that supply for the 13-inch model is plentiful resulting in a prompt delivery for online orders while its 15-inch counterpart might be a bit scarce at the moment.

As far as specs of the upcoming MacBook Pro 2017, there are exciting rumors saying that the new laptop could come with a more powerful processor. According to MacWorld, there are speculations that the new laptop will feature Kaby Lake processors as well as a new chip designed by Apple that could address its power performance issues.

Apple is also expected to unveil a host of new products aside from the MacBook Pro 2017. For instance, there are speculations saying that the company may use the event to showcase a new iPad Pro to replace the current 9.7-inch model. The new iPad is expected to have a higher-resolution display, which is probably a well-timed move considering that that iPad Pro line is over a year old.

While it may or may not be true, rumors of the MacBook Pro 2017 to be launched in the coming WWDC event have become pretty widespread. To the prospective laptop buyer, it might be a wise move to hold off buying for a bit a wait for a couple more days to see what surprises Apple has in store in the coming WWDC.

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