Ariel Winter Fires Back After ‘Refinery29’ Interview, Says She’s Not ‘Defending’ Living With Her Boyfriend

Ariel Winter recently did an interview with Refinery29, and she isn’t completely happy with the way it turned out. The star felt like the interview focused way too much on her personal life and not enough on the message she wanted fans to receive about her.

She clapped back at those she felt were not supporting her in the way that she wanted them to, taking to Instagram to clear the air.

The Modern Family star has been criticized in the past for “showing too much skin” in her Instagram photos and has even been accused of Photoshopping some of her most recent pictures. However, the star feels that one should dress the way that they want and not worry about society’s expectations.

She clarified her position on the Refinery29 interview via her Instagram.

“Y’all I love you but PLEASE pay attention and post my REAL point from my @refinery29 interview!!! Not that I’m ‘defending living with my 29 year old boyfriend [Levi Meaden]’ or that I’m ‘firing back at Trump’ because first of all I don’t need to defend anything I’m super happy and in love, and I’m not firing at anyone just sharing an opinion after being ASKED!

“The point was to take back the beach and help people understand that the beach should be a safe space to go as you please and feel good about yourself no matter what! Makeup on, makeup off, heels, sandals, covered up, exposed, do you and feel HAPPY about who you are and YOUR choices, not the ones society wants us to choose.

“It’s also HARD to be 100% confident- I’m still not- but I’m on a journey and I want other people to know they’re not alone,” she added. “We all struggle but through our struggle we get stronger and closer to our goals. Body positivity is important- not that I live with my boyfriend. Press- please read the article and take it for what it is- not what will give you more readers! Let’s all be real and represent people how they want to be represented through what they actually say. Rant over. Love yourselves, love others, be yourselves, and be happy. Xo.”

In her Refinery29 interview, Ariel Winter stated she wanted to “reclaim the beach” to make sure it was a safe space for people and that they could come visit it on their own accord without worrying about what others are thinking about their makeup or body.

She also explains in the Refinery29 interview that she’s experienced a ton of online hate. As a result, she tried to change her image, but it didn’t do much for her because she still received the hatred no matter what she did or said. As a result, she decided just being herself was the best way to go and stopped trying to mimic anyone else.

Ariel Winter has, however, been accused of copying Kylie Jenner in her style. Tabloid magazines have stated she’s “slowly morphing” into the youngest Kardashian-Jenner and that she doesn’t really have her own style.

Recently, an insider revealed that Kylie Jenner was really annoyed that Ariel Winter was “constantly stealing” her look. The pair have, no doubt, appeared in the same outfit several times, but both women are unique to themselves.

Ariel Winter wants her fans to know that she has a message of love and self-acceptance and wants them to be themselves 100 percent of the time without feeling like they have to compromise.

The actress also unapologetically had surgery on her breasts a few years ago to reduce the size. While she is still a busty woman, she feels as though her reduction allows her to live a more carefree lifestyle and hasn’t been shy about displaying her surgery scars.

Ariel Winter also wanted fans to be aware that she wasn’t stating her opinions blankly; she was asked what she thought about issues like Trump as president in addition to her talk about fashion and body confidence. She surely is a great role model for young women to accept themselves unconditionally.

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