Amber Portwood’s Fiance, Matt Baier, Says He’s Skipping ‘The Teen Mom OG’ Reunion Due To Surgery

Rumors have been swirling that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are no longer together, especially since she tweeted that she was now looking forward to a new beginning with “no one holding her back.” And now with the news that Baier would be skipping the Teen Mom OG reunion, it seemed like it was all falling together. Fans who disliked Baier were over the moon for Amber, hoping she would be starting a new chapter in her life without him.

However, fans who would like to see Amber find someone else will be disappointed to learn that Matt Baier has revealed a statement saying that he and Amber Portwood are still very much together, but he’s just skipping the reunion, which will be taping this weekend to have surgery.

He also says that any story claiming he and Amber are no longer together is “complete BS.”

“It has nothing to do with a break up and any story saying such right now is complete BS.”

While Baier doesn’t say what kind of surgery he’s going to be having, some speculation includes that he may be having a vasectomy and that Amber Portwood has asked him to do so. This is because Baier already has an indeterminate about of children, some near the age of his fiancee.

The pair have been under fire for the past few months, ever since several women came forward claiming that they were or are Baier’s “side piece” during his relationship with Amber Portwood. Many showed photos of alleged text conversations where he professed his love to the women, and in some cases, said he didn’t know what to do since he was engaged.

One woman also claimed that Baier had fathered her child, but had totally abandoned them to remain with Amber Portwood.

Many fans speculate that Baier is just with Amber Portwood for the fame, mainly because it is well established that he contacted both Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham before getting with Amber Portwood. He denies that this was anything to do with being fame hungry or wanting to get in on the Teen Mom action.

Amber Portwood has also expressed several times that she feels like she can’t trust Baier. In a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, she tried on a wedding dress and burst into tears because she was so scared of marrying Baier. She confided in a producer that she loved him and wanted to be with him the rest of her life, but didn’t trust him.

It was later reported that the pair split after she forced him to take a lie detector test during a trip to Los Angeles, and that he failed the test. Baier, however, maintains that he passed with flying colors.

In order to defend her man, Amber Portwood posted the alleged test results on her Twitter, but then deleted them saying that she didn’t have anything to prove to anyone. Fans doubted the veracity of the results, claiming that Amber Portwood and her fiancé actually purchased them from a website that sells lie detector test results.

Several Twitter accounts exist to “out” Matt and help Amber Portwood see the error of her ways when it comes to dating and possibly marrying him, but she still remains with him.

There were also rumors that the pair had put their October wedding on hold again, but they maintain that this is not true. Instead, they have stated that they are still getting married, but they have opted to keep the details private instead of broadcasting them to everyone. Baier has said this is due to the fact that they have faced intense scrutiny over the past few months.

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