Farrah Abraham Tells Dr. Drew She Thinks Her Mother Has Asperger’s, and His Surprising Response

Farrah Abraham and her mother, Debra Danielsen, have had nothing if not a contentious relationship. The pair have stated that they haven’t spoken to one another in several months, and Debra has stated that she misses her daughter dearly. Due to the breakdown of their relationship, Debra hasn’t even seen her granddaughter Sophia since the two stopped communicating.

The pair appeared on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition to help mend their relationship, but it seems like Dr. V and Dr. Ish’s interventions didn’t do the trick for the mother-daughter team.

One reason the two seemed to have trouble coming together was that they failed to find common ground when relating to an incident that occurred in 2010. The police were called to their Iowa home, and Farrah’s lip was bruised and bloody, but both maintain that the other was at fault. Farrah Abraham also maintains that she was abused as a child and that her mother refuses to admit it. Their relationship was even more strained when Debra left the show to go see her boyfriend, now fiancé, David Merz, at a beer festival.

Recently, Farrah Abraham weighed in on their relationship when she appeared on This Life Podcast with Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest. And this time, she had a diagnosis for her mother.

Dr. Drew insinuated that her mother had a mental illness or was not neurotypical, and Farrah was quick to agree.

“That’s what I know now and I’m done with conversations and I’m done with fighting the uphill battle… I’ve researched so much about my mother that I think she has Asperger’s and has some other things.”

Dr. Drew then surprisingly told Farrah Abraham that he agreed with her, and followed up with the following quote.

“I’m qualifying this. I’m not sitting in assessment of your mom. I’m not her doctor but I’ve been concerned there’s something on the schizoaffective spectrum,” he told her.

But aside from anything that her mother may be wrestling with that could impact the pair’s relationship, it is also clear that Farrah Abraham doesn’t have the best attitude herself. The young mother of one has been incredibly contentious with her Teen Mom OG cast mates, and even almost found herself in a physical altercation with fellow cast member Amber Portwood. The pair have been at odds ever since.

At one point, Amber even reached out to Farrah Abraham and gave her an olive branch in the form of an invite to her wedding to Matt Baier. Although no one knows for sure if the wedding is still on, Farrah Abraham rebuked the invitation and called the pair scam artists. Her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran, said that the pair’s wedding would be a circus and that he hadn’t been to one in a while, so it “might be fun.”

She also recently accused Amber of copying her now that Amber is considering doing a sex tape with fiancé, Matt Baier. She has also had other harsh words for cast members, calling them everything from cheap hookers to giving them unsolicited advice on whether or not they should continue to have children.

While Marriage Bootcamp is still being filmed, Farrah has already hinted that she and her mother will come face to face to confront issues of the past.

“There is an episode where we talk about traumatic experiences, my mom and I, and we still cannot get on the same page,” she says. “So, sometimes between lie detector tests and traumatic experiences, there’s just a certain point in time where you’re like, ‘Somebody does not have the wherewithal to take accountability to even remember things,’ and you’re like, ‘Why do I even want to be around them anymore?’ The best narcissists can block things out and act like nothing ever happened to just keep going.”

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