Cinderella To Become A ‘Dude’ With A ‘Whole Lotta Swag’

Cinderella is being turned into a dude – Cinderfella – with a “whole lotta swag” like wearing Yeezys, driving a Lamborghini, and dazzling a $38,000 Kobe Bryant hat.

In the world where feminists are furious about films and TV shows featuring mostly male main actors, American Crime actress Regina King and Brooklyn rapper Dana Dane decided it’d be a good idea to turn Cinderella into a hip hopera Cinderfella with a dude as the main star.

The new hip hopera would be, of course, based on Dane Dane’s legendary 1987 hit “Cinderfella” about a homie from a hood rich family who ain’t get no luck with expensive gear but wants to rap and flex and be flying in a kickin’ whip around the hood, picking up digits and banging shorties.

While it’s unclear if any dope or popo will be involved in making the hip hopera version of Cinderella, TMZ reports that Ice Cube might hop onto the project to play Cinderfella.

Regina King and Dana Dane are reportedly busy looking for actors that would add extra freshness and swag to Cinderfella. Since the movie adaptation is based on the parody Cinderella rap song by Dana Dane, hip hopera fans can learn what to expect from Cinderfella by listening to the lyrics.

In the 1987 hit song, which became one of Dana Dane’s biggest hits, the Brooklyn rapper raps about Cinderfella, with gold teeth, who – instead of a fairy godmother as seen in the original Cinderella story – has a fairy godfather named Hurb.

Dana Dane also raps about Cinderfella sporting fresh new Ballys instead of the original Cinderella glass slippers. Similar to the original story, Cinderfella leaves one of his Ballys behind and that’s how a princess gets to find him.

While TMZ also reports that the script for hip hopera Cinderfella is complete, Regina King and Dana Dane will most likely make a few changes from the rap song, since it is, well, 30 years old now.

Instead of Ballys, Cinderfella could sport a pair of spanking new Yeezys, Kanye West shoes that rock all hoods nowadays, and instead of a Volvo car, the main star could be driving a Lamborghini.

It also helps that Regina King is no stranger to working on Cinderella films, as she has previously starred in 2004’s A Cinderella Story, a remake of the original fairytale.

The song “Cinderfella Dana Dane,” which was part of the rapper’s debut album titled Dana Dane with Fame, is centered on a dude who has to cook, clean, scrub the floors, be an errand boy around the house, and a punchbag for his step-brothers.

His step-brothers, of course, are sporting the freshest gear out there, while Cinderfella gets to wear “polyester suits,” scoring him no luck with the ladies.

Then Cinderfella hears about a royal ball where a dude with the dopest rap game and the freshest clothing can score a date with the princess.

His step-dad doesn’t let him go there, while his step-brothers will be going to impress the princess with their fresh gear. But luckily for Cinderfella, his fairy godfather Hurb appears in front of him and gives him a Volvo, Ballys, and a slick silk suit to be on top of his game.

He warns, however, that with the stroke of twelve Cinderfella would turn into his old self. And there Cinderfella goes, dazzling in his suit and Ballys, impresses the princess, and leaves the venue before midnight.

But, similarly to the original Cinderella story, Cinderfella leaves behind one of his Ballys – and that’s how the princess gets to find her man when she does some digging in the hood.

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