Tom Cruise Reportedly Ready To Reunite With Suri & Get Married To New Girlfriend

Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri, who currently lives with her mother Katie Holmes, may finally reunite after years of not seeing each other. According to a new report, the 54-year-old actor is ready to reconnect with his youngest child now that he has found someone whom he wants to settle down with. The Hollywood superstar reportedly wasn’t ready to reunite with his little girl until she’s independent, but his plans changed when his love life started heading in a new direction.

“He has steered clear of Suri because of Katie and didn’t feel he’d be able to come back into Suri’s life until she was in college and away from Katie,” an insider told In Touch. “But now that he’s in hot pursuit of a new wife, he wants Suri back in his life. He misses having a family.”

In a recent interview, the Mission: Impossible star was asked if he thought his little girl would pursue an acting career like him and his ex-wife. He just said “you never know,” but that question allegedly triggered something in Tom and made him want to reunite with Suri even more. An insider revealed that a father and daughter reunion is happening.

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Ever since Tom Cruise got divorced from Katie Holmes, he never had any girlfriend, so this woman who captured his heart must be really special for him to marry her. So who is the future Mrs. Tom Cruise? According to In Touch, the screen heartthrob is eager to tie the knot with English actress Vanessa Kirby. A source revealed that a wedding could happen early next year.

The 29-year-old British beauty is famous for her role as Princess Margaret in the Netflix original series The Crown. Cruise allegedly noticed her talent after seeing her play the lead role. The New York-born actor was so impressed that he worked out in getting her a part in his upcoming film Mission: Impossible 6.

“Tom told the other Mission: Impossible producers that he had to have Vanessa for a crucial role for the franchise’s sixth installment,” an insider said. “They had instant chemistry, and of course she got the role. She’s blown her away with his endless charm and energy. He thinks she’s perfect to be his next wife.”

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Vanessa has been in a high-profile relationship before having dated hunky actor Douglas Booth for more than a year. Their romance reportedly started after they met on the set of Great Expectations in 2011. Since Kirby has a history of falling in love with her co-star, then there is a chance that she will fall for her new on-screen love interest.

Last month, Tom Cruise and Vanessa Kirby were spotted kissing on the streets of Paris. They were shooting a scene for Mission: Impossible 6 and the chemistry between the rumored couple are present even off screen. The Sun shared photos of Cruise and Kirby smooching underneath a bridge. The blonde beauty was also seen giggling while the actor was all smiles while waiting for the next scene to be set up.

After meeting on the set, Tom was reportedly smitten with Vanessa, having been blown away by her charm and energy. However, Gossip Cop claims that the dating rumors are not true. One of the production staff confirmed that Kirby is not Cruise’s new girlfriend. Since the co-stars aren’t really in a relationship, then there is no wedding happening soon.

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The report on the actor reuniting with his daughter may also be untrue. Tom Cruise appears to be avoiding Suri since he reportedly didn’t even bother meeting up with her during his recent trip to Los Angeles. Inquisitr previously reported that the actor was only 23 miles away from Calabasas where Katie Holmes and his little girl live. Instead of taking time to visit his child, he flew to Australia right away to continue promoting The Mummy.

“Tom could have easily made the trip to see Suri. It only takes about 30 minutes without traffic. It would’ve only added a few hours to his busy schedule,” an insider revealed.

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