Someone mind explaining what makes ChromeOS so damn special?

The hype is building.

You can hear the panting of excitement growing as rumors of it getting closer to release – in beta of course.

We see screenshots of it apparently sneaking out into the wild on someone’s laptop.

Even one well known blogger has been getting a racing pulse at the sight of folder on an ftp server somewhere with the magical name included.

Yes folks – it’s Google’s ChromeOS and it is coming to a browser Linux based computer near you – soon.

According to Alex Wilhelm at The Next Web Google has a really big treat in store for everyone tomorrow – especially those that make it to the “do no evil” mecca in Mountain View. Yup it’s time for them to let us all in on a little bit more about what they plan with this revolution in operating systems.

Well let me be the first one to break it to you. It ain’t revolutionary. It ain’t nothing spectacularly new.

It is just one more of the countless customized distros of Linux. You could get the same effect by downloading and running any one of the many Linux Live CDs, or you could use an already existing WebOS.

But because it’s Google, and of course they can do no wrong, ChromeOS is going to be just the greatest thing since Wave (or is that the other way around).

Here’s another thing regarding ChromeOS.


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