Feminists Rage Against Simon Cowell in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Britain’s Got Talent’s semi-final episode mixed perfectly with your Thursday evening plans, so you’ve decided to grab a bowl of popcorn, wear your favorite PJ’s, turn on that TV, and get ready to let your mind be hypnotized by the magic of the show.

At least this is what 30-year-old contestant Josephine Lee in Britain’s Got Talent did. Brought up to light her strong personality, hard-work and talent, got her feet moving, but it seems that she got blown away by jury’s opinion.

Red dress, powerful attitude, flawless speech about women rights, one perfect pair of shoes…two perfect pairs of shoes… What could go wrong?

It seems like pretty much everything from Simon Cowell’s point of view, one of the most appreciated jury members, who reviewed the magic moment of proving female power as not being magical at all. He pointed out clearly that the number was interesting, beside the message, which he founded “a bit irritating.”

“I thought everything was great, apart from the really annoying commentary. I get it, you’re a girl, I liked the legs, you don’t want to be the assistant but now this is beginning to irritate me. I got a bit sick of it.”

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His opinion was bullied right away from the audience, David Walliams reacted immediately and tried to ease the situation using a spicy joke with a twist of irony, making the audience burst into laughter when acclaimed:

“It seems like we’ve got a true feminist on the path.”

Controversy started upon the subject as other members of the jury considered the artistic number to be inspirational for women who have to overcome the fear of shining in an industry ruled by man all over the world.

“It’s lovely to see a woman at the forefront of magic,” Alesha Dixon remarked.

One can love or hate mogul Simon Cowell, but for sure nobody can ignore his personality. His words spread fast and had a strong echo upon fans on social media too. Whilst some accused him of being too harsh and destroying contestants self-confidence, using words such as “a sexist pig” and summing up that he is “the type of people that feminists hate,” others totally agreed with the fact that the whole show was too much of an inspirational speech and too less of a show.

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Sure, Josephine’s choice seemed right when both of her legs were half- covered by red dress, as red is a color of action. It moves us, awakens us, and guides us towards change. It’s the color of revolution, movement, and progress, so her message of succeeding as a powerful independent woman reached most of the people, except one.

Sure, she had a pair of legs, so, when one would go into the wrong direction, the other could save the situation and change the path.

Definitely, she worked hard for her number and she is a talented, gifted woman. Still, something went wrong.

If we consider the situation from the way energy around us tends to flow, we can ease into the answer. Everybody knows that Simon Cowell has a developed sense of spirituality, therefore his chakras are wide open and ready to receive signals from events around him, being energized by means of color. Where is the connection you might wonder?

Well, root chakra is activated while reaching the frequency of red, therefore, this is the reason why he saw and liked only the legs from the whole concept. Can one blame the man for being open to Universal laws? Girl, you might consider clear blue next time!

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