White House: Melania Trump’s Trip To Delvaux Store, Which Sells Purses Up To $29,700, Was Not Cancelled

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump made headlines during their recent journey to several foreign countries, but now details about some of the visits made during those travels are leaking to the press. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Melania’s schedule initially included a stop at the Delvaux handbag store in Belgium.

Update: According to Stephanie Grisham, Director of Communications for Melania Trump, Mrs. Trump’s schedule did not change at the last minute, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Grisham also refutes the assertion by a source from The Hollywood Reporter, which claimed that the Trump administration did not want Melania to appear at the Delvaux “Le 27” store or Natan, and that Melania was supposed to focus on children’s charities and the like instead. Stephanie’s statement reads as follows.

“At the time that many of the people participating in the spousal program were at the Delvaux store, the First Lady had an official meeting with Embassy personnel – the people who work at the Embassy. She never cancelled anything at the last minute. It is common practice for the Secret Service and an advance team to check out any stop that could potentially be on the First Lady’s schedule – that does not mean it is a confirmed stop – and in fact, she makes her schedule determinations after hearing back from those teams. Her schedule does not change at the last minute… As I said, the First Lady determines her own schedule based on her chosen initiatives. Yes, the Hollywood Reporter is false to make that claim…That is completely false. The First Lady determines her own schedule based on her chosen initiatives.”

In fact, photos of French First Lady Mrs. Brigitte Macron and other leading ladies at the Delvaux “Le 27” store on May 25, 2017, in Brussels, Belgium, can be seen below. But those photos do not include Melania. The publication reports that Melania’s schedule was changed the day after May 24, which was the day Melania arrived in Belgium. By May 25, Melania’s fun-sounding stop at the Delvaux handbag store that was arranged by Belgium’s Queen Mathilde had been scrubbed, at least off of Melania’s schedule.

Natan, a store owned by Belgian designer Edouard Vermeulen, was also removed from Melania’s schedule, even though the Secret Service had already secured both Natan and the Delvaux “Le 27” store for the visit. According to the publication, Melania’s schedule was changed because the Trump administration doesn’t want Melania to make commercial appearances, but to just show up at charitable events or those benefiting children.

“The administration no longer wants Melania to be making commercial visits, only appearances related to charity or children.”

[Image by Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images for Delvaux]

Melania’s Visit To Delvaux ‘Le 27’ Store Was Cancelled

As seen in the photo above, from left to right, Mrs. Amelie Derbaudrenghien, partner to Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel, appeared at the Delvaux store on May 25, along with Mrs. Mojca Stropnik, who is married to Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar. Finishing out the bunch on the right was French First Lady Mrs Brigitte Macron, wearing her trendy mini-dress.

However, Melania could not enjoy time at the Delvaux “Le 27” store on May 25, in Brussels, Belgium, and the White House has yet to comment on why Melania’s scheduled was scrubbed to nix the fashionable visits.

Known for her fashion sense and stylish manner of dress, Melania may have found the handbag store right up her alley. Instead, Melania took to Twitter that day to give her thanks to Queen Fabiola Children’s University Hospital. Melania was photographed working on crafts such as paper flowers with children.

[Image by Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images for Delvaux]

Indeed, of all the photos in the Getty Images gallery that result from a search for “Delvaux Brussels,” none of them appear to include Melania. It isn’t known if the Trump administration would prefer Melania not to lend her presence or name to brands that don’t fall under the Trump umbrella of products, or if the White House is attempting to distance Melania from her fashionable past. All that is known is that plenty of foreign publications expected Melania to show up at Delvaux.

The De Standaard wrote about Melania’s anticipated presence at the luxury handbag store. And luxurious isn’t a stretch of a description for the Delvaux handbags. As seen on the Barneys New York website, the DELVAUX handbag known as the “Brillant Crocodile Mini-Satchel” is priced at $22,800. The “Brillant Crocodile Mini-Satchel” is a whopping $29,700.

“Then they go shopping at the chic handbags shop Delvaux, on the Boulevard de Waterloo.”

The breathlessly reported planned shopping trip to Delvaux, as reported by Nieuws Leaks, would change.

Before long, publications like De Redactie would update their stories, and write about how Melania’s absence from the Delvaux store came as a surprise to some people who expected Melania there.

“That Melania was not present in the Delvaux shop aroused some surprise…”

Where Is Melania Allowed To Make Appearances?

With Melania having sued the Daily Mail, as reported by Bloomberg, in a lawsuit that claimed that Melania missed out on “major business opportunities” as a first lady, coupled with news about Melania’s schedule nixing commercial appearances, one wonders how the “Melania Trump” brand will look going forward.

[Featured Image by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images]

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