Kate Middleton’s Sneakers So Cheap And Comfy, Kate’s Fashions Aren’t All Luxury

Kate Middleton, Prince William, and even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get criticized a lot for their expensive lifestyles. Kate Middleton’s sneakers are probably the only inexpensive exception in a fashion collection that most women can only dream of.

Middleton’s Superga sneakers have taken the footwear world by storm after Kate wore them to multiple events over the past year.

What Kate wears is such an important issue to so many royal watchers and fashionistas that there’s a website called What Kate Wore and a trending Twitter hashtag. Most of the time, the outfits showcased by the Duchess of Cambridge during her formal royal engagements are drool-worthy designer one-offs created just for her.

Middleton’s wedding dress, for instance, was a majestic and very expensive Alexander McQueen piece designed by one of Kate’s favorites, Sarah Burton. The long-sleeved, hand-made, Chantilly lace and satin wedding dress is rumored to have cost $400,000, according to E! News.

Only a few weeks ago, Kate Middleton stunned onlookers with another lace creation. For a gala dinner at the National Portrait Gallery in London, Middleton wore a floor-length emerald green lace dress that was reminiscent of her wedding dress with its sheer lace sleeves and bodice.

Kate Middleton wore a stunning green lace dress reminiscent of her wedding dress. [Image by Neil Hall /Getty Images]

Of course, Kate’s shoes for the gala occasion had nothing in common with the white Superga sneakers. Instead of sneakers, she wore gold Jimmy Choo to set off the lace dress. If anyone could pull off wearing sneakers with an evening gown, it would be Kate Middleton.

On less formal occasions, Middleton often chooses off-the-rack dresses and suits that are still well beyond the average clothing budget. Recently, the news broke that Kate likes to go back to her commoner roots when she’s looking for footwear comfort.

Kate Middleton’s sneakers are making the news. Cosmopolitan wrote that Middleton “has been repeatedly photographed” in the comfy looking white sneakers that seem to go with just about everything on her casual days.

Kate Middleton’s sneakers made their public debut during the Cambridges’ 2016 tour of Canada. [Image by Andrew Chin/Getty Images]

Kate’s fave sneakers are priced at less than $60; not exactly a bargain by some standards, but compared to Kate’s usual price range for her footwear, the sneakers are incredibly cheap.

The Daily Mail writes that Middleton’s sneakers first made an appearance during Kate and Prince William’s royal tour to Canada in October 2016 with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. On that trip, Kate chose the nautical white sneakers for a visit to the tall ship Pacific Grace in Victoria Harbour.

It was the final day of the tour and the tall ship was the only venue where Middleton had a chance to slip into the comfortable Superga sneakers.

Kate Middleton chose the Superga sneakers for a day on the tall ship Pacific Grace. [Image by Andrew Chin/Getty Images]

Middleton’s sneakers have appeared in so many pics of the Duchess that they caught the public imagination and became a hugely sought-after item. The Kate effect can sometimes be difficult for a designer to handle as sales go through the roof after Kate popularizes a piece of clothing or shoes.

For the Superga sneaker company, they managed just fine after sales doubled because of Middleton’s influence. AOL wrote that some shoppers said they bought the shoes just because they are “Middleton approved.”

“I can say they are equally comfortable and stylish.”

Middleton wore her sneakers for a photoshoot that will be featured in an upcoming GQ article with Prince William. In the article focusing on the Cambridges’ Heads Together campaign, Prince William talks about his mother, Princess Diana, and shares how important mental health is to him. He wants Prince George and Princess Charlotte to have a normal life; the kind of life where people wear sneakers sometimes.

[Featured Image by Dominic Lipinski /Getty Images]

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