‘America’s Got Talent’ 12-Year-Old Ventriloquist Blows Everyone Away, Earns Golden Buzzer, Goes Viral [Video]

Darci Lynne Farmer, 12, stole the show last night on America’s Got Talent auditions, performing a ventriloquist routine that has since gone viral. The young girl from Oklahoma told the judges before her performance that she wanted to be a ventriloquist because the art was slowly dying and not that common anymore. And the 12-year-old proved that if done right, it is still alive and kicking.

The young girl demonstrated an impressive ability to throw her vocals by performing the aria composed for George Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess through her rabbit dummy, Petunia. The song is well known among singers to be incredibly difficult to sing, so doing so without one moving their mouth is incredibly impressive.

Some singing teachers, however, have expressed concern over a girl that young performing a difficult song with her mouth closed. Professionals worry that by doing so, she could damage her vocal chords without proper trainer. They also worry that she is singing in a way that is unhealthy for her body, which can also damage her over time.

Although the judges of America’s Got Talent weren’t sure what to expect when she began her act, they were so impressed that Mel B. gave her the golden buzzer. This means that the act was so good that it went straight on to the live show, as not all acts that judges vote “yes” on are sent straight through. But Darci and Petunia’s charisma were so irresistible that Mel B. just had to put them through then and there.

Both Darci and her mother, who was waiting in the wings with Tyra Banks, burst into tears as the confetti reigned down on her, and Mel B. rushed on stage to tell the girl how incredibly impressive her performance had been.

Since last night, the video, which has been uploaded to the America’s Got Talent website, has been viewed over 2 million times, so it is safe to say she’s an overnight sensation.


Mel B. described Darci as “adorable” and all thought the 12-year-old’s talent was incredibly remarkable.

Although the world is just now getting wind of Darci’s ridiculously amazing talent, this isn’t the first time she’s appeared on television. Last year, she performed on NBC’s Little Big Shots, where she did her ventriloquist routine with Steve Harvey. The show was a variety show which featured young people performing various talents, and it is surprising that Darci did’t take the internet by storm back then due to her unique talents.

Darci shared that before she appeared on America’s Got Talent, she took an interest in ventriloquism because she was struggling during social situations. Fast forward a few years later, and the young girl is on television getting the golden buzzer for her talent and going viral because of it.

This episode kicked of Season 12 of the hit series, and aside from Darci Lynne Farmer, many other acts got through, but Darci won’t have to compete with all of them since she’s already been awarded direct access to America’s Got Talent’s live show.

Aside from Darci Lynne Farmer, there were several other acts that included singers, salsa dancers, and musicians. There was even a Donald Trump impressionist that vowed to make America’s Got Talent great again. Unfortunately for him, he performed before Trump’s famous and now-deleted “covfefe” tweet, meaning that the golden material could have really paid off last night. But even without the forces of covfefe, he still managed to make it through to the next round.

Although no one else earned themselves a golden buzzer, almost all of the acts were put through to the next round. However, Darci remains a favorite of the evening with her act.

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