‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Leaked ‘BB19’ Cast List Faked, Amanda Zuckerman Addresses Rumors

Big Brother 19 spoilers were addressed by a former houseguest who appeared on the “leaked” BB19 cast list. Amanda Zuckerman, who appeared on Big Brother 15, posted on Twitter to let her fans know whether or not she would be a member of the BB19 cast. She basically stated that a list which has appeared on social media is fake and that she won’t be on the CBS show this summer.

Now it could certainly be the case that Zuckerman is stating this to throw off the scent, but that would be a mistake if she is actually part of the BB19 cast, especially with how fans typically play a part in how seasons have progressed recently. During Big Brother 18, producers had fans vote on which houseguests should receive Care Packages during the summer, bringing with them game advantages. This is why it is important to stay on the good side of the fans.

In addition to Amanda Zuckerman, some of the other names who appeared on the “leaked” BB19 cast list included Brittany Martinez, Victor Arroyo, Ashley Locco, GinaMarie Zimmerman, and Audrey Middleton. That list appeared on Twitter but is slowly getting refuted by past cast members, many of which were surprised by these Big Brother 19 spoilers suddenly appearing online. It would certainly give credence to the thoughts that this is a “second chance” season, but maybe that was the plan of the person who created the list.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, fans of the show were already reacting negatively to the Big Brother 19 rumors. While the “leaked” BB19 cast list could have led to a lot of drama in the house, it didn’t have many of the fan favorites that have garnered a lot of attention in the past. It also included two very controversial cast members, as GinaMarie Zimmerman and Corey Brooks were not received well by fans when they uttered slurs online and in the show. Entertainment Weekly reported about it, revealing Zimmerman actually lost her job for uttering racial slurs.

This puts fans right back on the drawing board, in a manner of speaking, when it comes to discerning which of the reported Big Brother 19 spoilers might be true. Rachel Reilly is another former houseguest who has been drawing attention on social media, as she has been a polarizing cast member for the show. Fans either love her a lot or really dislike her, possibly creating a rating spike if she returns as part of the BB19 cast. Is it Rachel Rielly who Amanda Zuckerman was talking about in a recent Twitter post?

What is known so far, is that the Big Brother summer 2017 season premiere is on June 28, meaning there are only four weeks until the next installment begins. Taking into account that the new cast members will enter the BB19 house the weekend before the premiere, it suggests that there may only be about two weeks until host Julie Chen starts revealing some names. Chen will likely do that during an episode of The Talk on CBS, taking full advantage of the opportunity to do some cross-promotion for the network.

For fans who might be trying to remember who Amanda Zuckerman is, she was a member of the BB15 cast and in a showmance with McCrae Olson. They seemed a bit mismatched on screen, as she was a real estate broker and he was a pizza delivery boy. The romance continued after the show concluded but eventually came to an end. Andy Herren ended up becoming the Big Brother 15 winner in a jury vote against GinaMarie Zimmerman.

Another piece of useful information is that it was Nicole Franzel who just won Big Brother 18, beating out Paul Abrahamian in the final jury vote. Paul could certainly be a cast member that many viewers would like to see return, but he was also very polarizing among online subscribers of the live feeds. With the latest BB19 cast list refuted heavily, fans of the show will have to resort to counting down the days until the Big Brother 19 season premiere finally arrives on CBS.

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