Joy-Anna Duggar Wedding Dress Details: She Wore A Patchwork Gown Pieced Together By Familiar Designer

Joy-Anna Duggar didn’t just say yes to one wedding dress. The Counting On star only wore a single gown on her wedding day, but it was constructed from bits and pieces of four different dresses.

Joy-Anna Duggar, 19, and Austin Forsyth, 23, tied the knot last Friday in front of more than 1,000 wedding guests. You’d think there would be tons of images of Joy-Anna’s dress circulating on social media with that many people in attendance, but it seems that the Duggars succeeded in preventing their guests from sneaking snapshots of the bride. The lack of wedding photos makes it impossible for Duggar fans to see all of Joy-Anna’s wedding gown details, but People described a few of them in a recent video.

Joy-Anna Duggar reportedly purchased one wedding dress off the rack because she liked the bottom half of the gown. The Counting On star preferred the top of a different gown, so she had her wedding dress designer cut the skirt off the former gown and the bodice of the latter. The two dress halves were then sewn together to create a new gown.

However, the designer’s work wasn’t done. The bodice that Joy-Anna fell in love with showed off too much shoulder skin, which is a big Duggar no-no. As Cosmopolitan reports, the conservative Duggar girls believe that their bare shoulders should only be seen by their husbands. To make sure that her wedding dress met her family’s modesty standards, Joy-Anna asked for elbow-length sleeves to be sewn onto the bodice.

Joy-Anna had another special request; the teen bride wanted her gown to include pieces of her mother’s and her mother-in-law’s wedding dresses. As Refinery 29 reports, Michelle Duggar wore her mother-in-law’s bridal gown on her wedding day, and she’s made it a family tradition to cut off small pieces of Grandma Duggar’s gown for her daughters to incorporate into their weddings. Perhaps learning about this tradition inspired Austin Forsyth’s mother to offer Joy-Anna a piece of her own wedding dress.

The designer featured in the Counting On video clip above, Renee Miller, did such an amazing job on Jinger Duggar’s wedding dress that Joy-Anna asked her to piece together her unique patchwork gown. On the Renee’s Bridal Facebook page, Miller shared the news that she had been tasked with creating another Duggar gown.

“Congratulations Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin!!!!” she wrote. “Joy-Anna, thank you for choosing Renee’ to design your wedding gown.”

Rene Miller also had her work cut out for her when she accepted the responsibility of creating a TV-worth dress for Jinger Duggar. According to the Duggar Family Blog, the designer created three prototype gowns for Jinger to choose from after talking to the Counting On star about what style of dress she wanted. Renee predicted which of the three Jinger would pick, and she believes that her correct guess was “the result of prayer and God’s guidance.”

Rene Miller didn’t have to create three completely new dresses for Joy-Anna, but some Duggar fans will still be surprised that so much work went into a wedding dress for the tomboy of the family. Joy-Anna has confessed that she “doesn’t like shopping at all,” and she’s also not the biggest fan of dresses and skirts.

“I was not born to wear dresses. I was born to wear my own style,” she said in the Counting On episode “Girls Hit the Road.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do on my wedding day.”

According to Jinger, Joy-Anna prefers to wear clothes that are “comfy” and “casual,” but she’s not allowed to wear sweats; Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have taught their daughters that God doesn’t like it when women wear pants. However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jinger began wearing pants after she got married, so Joy-Anna may start doing the same now that she no longer lives with her parents.

Fans can find out more details about Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding dress when Counting On returns June 12 on TLC.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]

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