‘Little People, Big World’ Star Zach Roloff Suffers From A ‘Life-Threatening’ Illness?

On the heels of losing their dog, Sully, to cancer, Zach Roloff and his wife, Tori, learned another devastating blow, Radar Online reported.

On Tuesday night’s Little People, Big World, Zach admitted that he had been secretly battling horrific headaches and vomiting episodes for a long time. When his family questioned him to find out how long he had been suffering, he wasn’t sure, only revealing that “it has been many months.”

“I don’t really talk about it because there’s already so much happening,” Roloff said. “Something’s wrong, here. I don’t know what it is, but it’s something.”

Zach confessed that he feels as if he’s dying and realizes that he needs help.

Zach Tells His Parents His Alarming Symptoms

The Little People, Big World star revealed how he had been feeling, and the patriarch couldn’t help but worry about his son’s health. He told Roloff that he has to see a doctor and get it sorted out right away.

His mother, Amy Roloff, believed that the symptoms were related to Zach’s shunt. Amy recalls her son getting a shunt in his head at 16-months-old to drain fluid build-up.

“If the shunt fails, it can be life threatening.”

Zach Worries About Tori

The Roloff couple headed to his doctor for tests, but Zach couldn’t help but worry about how his health could impact his wife. The test results were inconclusive, and the doctor asked him to keep a record of all his symptoms to pinpoint a diagnosis.

“Now would be a terrible time for me to have to go into surgery,” Zach stated. “Tori has already gone through enough. I don’t want to frighten her.”

Tensions Rise Between Matt And Amy

Back on the farm, Matt and Amy argue about the venue for Jeremy and Audrey’s gender reveal party. The divorced pair wanted to have the shindig at the Roloff Farm, but they didn’t agree on the exact location.

Roloff suggested that Amy should pitch in to help him build a bigger home on the property. He pointed out that she lives in the home they once shared. When she refused to help him build a house, he tried to guilt her into it by revealing that he may not have much time left.

That is when Amy snapped. She revealed that he’s been “dying” since the day they met.

“Don’t give me this cruel, pity baby thing. Since I married you, you said you’re dying. And I’m like, God, when’s his time up?”

Matt felt her response was uncalled for and downright mean. In the end, they decided to have the party in her home.

Will Caryn Come To The Party?

Amy expected Caryn Chandler, Matt’s girlfriend and farm help, to come to the party. She couldn’t help but rejoice when she found out that she wasn’t invited. Roloff had expected them to ask her since Zach and Tori had asked her to come to their party just a few months earlier.

“Caryn has been a part of other events, but I’m pretty glad she’s not coming to this party because this particular event is just about family,” Amy confessed to the camera on Little People, Big World on Tuesday.

The gender reveal party was a success. Jeremy and Audrey found out that they were going to welcome a baby girl to the family. Even though the party was a smashing success, the tension remained high between Matt and Amy.

Little People, Big World fans, do you think Zach Roloff’s health scare is something serious? Do you think Amy and Matt will come to an understanding about building him a new house?

Little People, Big World airs Tuesday nights on TLC.

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