‘Y&R’ Adam Newman News: Michael Muhney Returns To Social Media After Silence – Does This Mean Possible Return?

Where has Michael Muhney been of late? The former Young and the Restless star was off of social media for 26 days, returning only to comment on a fan-made video of some of his best work as Adam Newman on the CBS show. Why the silence? Where has Muhney been for nearly a month?

Muhney has always been quite open with his fans. He has been consistent in posting about his family, his cycling, and his days on Young and the Restless. Then why the big silence? In the past, he has seriously injured himself and still be on social media. In addition, he has recently been in the public eye, as everyone is speculating whether he will return as Adam Newman.

Does this silence mean that he is indeed returning to Young and the Restless?

The last few days before he stopped posting on his Twitter account, he went on a romantic weekend to San Francisco, with his wife Jaime, sans kids. He also posted a photo of Muhney, in his cycling gear, along with other friends, with the caption, “So…this also happened over the weekend while up near San Francisco.” Muhney became a cycling aficionado since his Y&R days, giving him a hobby to give him balance and let loose his extra energy.

Yet, before his big trip, on April 28, Michael responded to a request by Anne, who asked how she could reach the powers that be to get him back on Young and the Restless.

“Michael…how do we let Y&R know we need you back. Hopefully they know and are going to make it happen. Sooner than later.”

Michael Muhney sent a warm response to super-fan Anne, and gave her the Twitter handles of the influential people that she, and other fans, can contact if they want to see him portray Adam Newman.

“Humbled by everyone’s passion. You can tweet @AngelicaMcD @SteveKentSony @malyoung @MidnightReturn1 — but you must keep it classy #YR”

Many fans most likely followed Muhney’s instructions, and sent tweets without any question who they were contacting. It was not until this week that Showbiz411 observed that these people are “CBS Daytime exec Anjelica McDaniel, Sony TV’s Steve Kent, Y&R producer Mal Young, and, oddly, Billy Hayes, the real life subject of the famed 1978 Alan Parker movie Midnight Express.”

Then the publication pondered why Muhney included “Billy Hayes.”

“Billy Hayes? What’s the connection there? Well, it turns out that current headwriter of Y&R Sally Sussman is the writer, producer, and director of a highly regarded documentary about Hayes called Midnight Return. Sussman chronicles what happened to Hayes after his escape from a Turkish prison — including the movie and the aftermath.”

New to the Young and the Restless team, it appears that Sally Sussman, has “vowed” not to bring back Adam Newman. She obviously needs some encouragement to bring Muhney back as Adam.

Ever since Justin Hartley has left the Young and the Restless for This Is Us, there were murmurings about Michael Muhney reprising his role as Victor Newman Jr., better known as Adam Newman.

Muhney was fired from the show because of his self-admitted self-destruction and agitation, particularly against Eric Braeden. This is why it seems particularly significant that Muhney’s first tweet in weeks was a response to “Chuck,” which was a gushing endorsement for the 30-year veteran that played his father, Victor Newman.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry is open to this possibility that Michael Muhney is returning as Adam Newman. They point out that Jason Gerhardt auditioned for the part of Dylan, not for the part of Adam. They believe that Muhney’s tweet about Braeden is an indication that there is still hope he will be back, yet they cannot confirm either way whether or not Muhney is returning.

“As of right now no one outside of Y&R‘s brain trust can definitively say that Muhney won’t, or can’t, or will never be back. Yes, he can until someone else is hired to fill that slot.”

Soap Hub recently added a petition to bring back Michael Muhney to Young And the Restless. There are over 15,000 signatures now. Perhaps this will convince Sally Sussman to resurrect Adam Newman?

Why do you think Michael Muhney was not on social media for nearly a month? If you have been following him on Twitter, do you find this hopeful that he is going to return back to the Young and the Restless as Adam Newman?

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