Man Posts Facebook Sex Video With 287-Pound Woman, Sparks Controversy On Social Media

There is controversy brewing on Facebook regarding screenshot images from a sex video that were posted online to a Facebook group that contained more than 14,000 men. The man accused of posting the screenshots of himself having sex with an overweight woman has earned the ire of the internet, because of the words he allegedly published along with the photos, which spoke derisively of the 287-pound woman and called her a whale, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“What’s the biggest whale you’ve harpooned? I went through a tubby phase and landed this 130 kg beast.”

Screenshots making their way around Facebook show the man’s face blurred in some instances, with the woman’s image blocked out as well. There are also screenshots of some of the comments that appeared beneath the photos of the woman and man having sex. Whereas some of those comments feature people placing laughing emojis and telling the man he needed Jesus “after this humpback whale” and asking for more “big girl pics,” with the man appearing to heed the request by posting more photos from the video in the comments, the post didn’t sit well with everyone in the private Facebook group. At least one man decided to speak out, and his response is going viral on Facebook.

As seen on the Facebook page of Hayden Brien, he created a post on May 29 that called attention to the popular post from the private Facebook group. Brien wrote that even though he knew he’d received backlash for going against the men’s Facebook group, he felt the post containing screenshots of the woman was wrong. Hayden assumed that the man who took the video of himself having sex with the woman likely did so without her permission, and more than likely shared the screenshots of their sex session without her permission as well.

“YO PLEASE READ THIS – A guy posted screenshots from a video of him having sex with someone on Facebook (yeah I’m ‘doggin the boys’ whoops) & you’d assume it wasn’t taken let alone POSTED with her consent. It currently has over 230 likes, and 103 comments – NOT ONE SINGLE COMMENT defending the girl who’s now been left exposed in a group of 14,524 men without her consent. I bite my tongue over the daily misogynistic, racist, homophobic & generally uneducated posts in the group because hey, this is a safe space for the working class Aussie males, right? This however crosses the line in a very very big way, and needs to be stopped immediately. Men’s groups can be a great help to plenty of people going through tough times, but ‘banter’ is no excuse for this sort of behaviour. So because I’m a semi-decent person I reported the image to Facebook…According to them, the post ‘doesn’t go against any of our specific Community Standards.'”

The shocking part about Hayden’s claims are that Brien reported that Facebook had not taken down the screenshot images, at least not as of May 29. Hayden hoped that the popularity of his Facebook post would force Facebook to address the issue directly. Brien wrote that he was upset with men thinking they are a master race and treating women as second-class citizens.

Plenty of people are taking notice of Hayden calling out the Facebook men’s group. The Daily Mail article about the situation has been shared more than 10,000 times. Hayden posted a photo of some of the NSFW comments on Facebook appearing beneath the screenshots of the naked sex romp, with some Facebook users writing that they’ve bedded women who weigh approximately 22 pounds more than the woman in the photos.

According to the Facebook comments shown in the screenshots, the Australian man who took the video invited people to watch the sex video on Facebook, adding that another “unnamed” man joined in. Comments comparing the woman to sex with an animal and other disparaging comments were published beneath the now-viral original post.

Whereas Hayden is getting some backlash for calling attention to the Facebook post from the men’s group, he’s also receiving plenty of praise for going against the grain.

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