Joy-Anna Duggar And Austin Forsyth Ready For Kids: ‘We Want As Many As The Lord Thinks We Can Handle’

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have tied the knot after a rushed courtship and engagement. The pair wed over this past Memorial Day weekend after putting up a registry for October, which many fans think could have been a decoy to throw off fans who might have considered crashing the wedding.

The pair had a wedding similar to that of Joy-Anna’s other siblings, with a theme of rustic and outdoorsy, with the colors orange and blue. They are reportedly over the moon and excited to begin a new chapter in their lives as husband and wife. A TLC wedding special about the couple will air on June 12, which is arguably a lot quicker than many of the other Duggar sister weddings were aired.

It is unknown why the couple married so quickly or what their reasoning was for pushing up the date. However, fans speculated correctly that the pair had gotten fed up with waiting and decided to push their marriage forward. Speculation only increased when Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, returned to the United States from El Salvador just a couple of weeks ago.

Back in December, there was a rumor that Joy-Anna Duggar and her beau were practicing sex before marriage, something that is particularly frowned upon in the Duggar’s Quiverfull religion. Most of the Duggar couples have eschewed anything other than side hugs until engagement, at which point the couple is then allowed to hold hands. First kisses have been typically reserved for the altar.

While Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have previously stressed that every child makes their own rules for their courtships, it seems that they are likely silently pressured into having similar rules. Thus far, at least outwardly, none of the older Duggar children have broken the mold.

The new Forsyth couple have revealed that they are ready to have kids as soon as possible, which is in line with Joy-Anna Duggar’s upbringing. Joy-Anna, as many know, is one of 19 children because her parents wanted to have as many children as God would allow. And it appears Joy-Anna and Austin are headed down the same exact path.

During a recent interview with People, the young couple shared in their desires for parenthood.

“We love kids and we’re excited to have a family. We’re just going to see what the Lord does.”

As for how many children the couple would like to have, they have also decided not to answer that question themselves, instead of asking Jesus to give them that answer.

“We want as many as the Lord thinks we can handle and we are putting it into His hands.”

Joy-Anna Duggar’s older sisters, Jill and Jessa, both were pregnant almost immediately after their wedding night. However, Jinger has broken the mold by having been married several months and not yet sporting a baby bump or showing signs of pregnancy. Time will only tell how long it will take for Joy-Anna and Austin to conceive themselves.

However, this isn’t the only exciting news from the Duggar family. The Duggar girls, who have been the ones getting married over the past few years, have passed the baton to their brother, Joseph Duggar. The 22-year-old brother got engaged to Kendra Caldwell, whom he has been in a courtship with since March.

Joe, however, did get some flack as he apparently proposed to his bride-to-be during Joy-Anna Duggar’s festivities. Many fans felt this was totally inappropriate as it was Joy-Anna’s special day, but with 19 kids in the house, they are likely used to sharing the spotlight. There is no word yet on when the pair will be tying the knot.

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