Melania Trump’s Presence Caused Her Husband To Use Twitter Less Overseas, Claims White House Reporter

With the Twitter storm of tweets oftentimes seen on President Donald Trump’s Twitter account each day, it was noticed by certain Twitter users that during President Trump’s overseas trip with First Lady Melania Trump, there weren’t as many tweets published on average. Some Twitter users may have chalked it up to the fact that President Trump was too busy to tweet, however, claims from reporters that cover White House topics are crediting Melania with helping President Trump lay off the Twitter fingers.

Initially, Josh Dawsey, a Politico White House reporter, noted on Twitter an instance whereby President Trump decided not to take to Twitter to express his anger regarding John Boehner. According to a Politico report published on May 26, Boehner said that President Trump has been a “complete disaster.” With Mr. Trump’s attack-after-being-attacked philosophy well known, it’s notable that President Trump didn’t initially respond, as noted by Dawsey’s tweet on May 27.

“Adviser close to Trump says he was ‘very unhappy’ yesterday that John Boehner attacked his presidency. But decided not to tweet about it.”

As a response to Josh’s tweet on May 27, Politico White House reporter Annie Karni tweeted that Melania’s presence was the reason for President Trump’s lack of tweeting.

“I’ve been told a factor in the lack of tweeting abroad overall was the presence of Melania Trump.”

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Whether or not President Trump paused his usual Twitter storm of tweets because he had Melania to express his thoughts to instead of turning immediately to Twitter isn’t known. However, Twitter users are writing humorous comments beneath the above tweets of the White House reporters by joking that Melania may have confiscated President Trump’s phone in order to prevent him from tweeting whilst the couple was overseas.

President Trump’s cellphone has brought security concerns, reports the Washington Post, with Mr. Trump reportedly urging world leaders to call him on his phone, instead of using traditional means that presidents have used in the past to communicate with one another.

It’s because of President Trump’s tweeting from his phone that he is receiving attention on Wednesday, May 31, for a seemingly nonsensical tweet that has caused the word #covfefe to be one of the top Twitter trends at the moment. Twitter users were left scratching their heads when President Trump tweeted about “negative press covfefe” in a tweet that has since been deleted from Twitter. Apparently, President Trump meant “negative press coverage,” but the fact that President Trump seems to tweet so quickly, apparently without proofreading his tweets, and with such wild Twitter abandon, is causing concern with Mr. Trump’s Twitter usage.

One can only wonder how Melania’s presence at the White House this summer, once Melania and Barron Trump relocate to the White House from New York City, will have an effect upon President Trump’s Twitter habits.

President Donald Trump and Melania in Melsbroek, Belgium [Image by Geert Vanden Wijngaert/AP Images]

Indeed, the @realDonaldTrump Twitter account displays only four tweets on May 25, with one of those four tweets being a retweet of a tweet from , tweeted also on May 25, thanking Queen Fabiola University Hospital in Brussels for the hospitality during Melania’s visit.

Only four tweets appear on President Trump’s Twitter account on May 26, but by May 27, the day the Trumps returned to the White House, seven tweets appear on President Trump’s Twitter feed. By May 28, the number of tweets from President Trump had swelled to 10, going back down to five tweets on May 29. The tweet storm began to pick up by May 30, and beyond.

The @FLOTUS Twitter account, by comparison, doesn’t tweet as often. The @MELANIATRUMP Twitter account, the official profile for Melania Trump, tweets even less often.

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