‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers May 31: Katie Provokes Quinn, Eric Wants Answers, Thomas’ Jealousy Erupts

After Tuesday’s thrilling episode that saw Katie (Heather Tom) declare war with Quinn (Rena Sofer), and Thomas intervening between Coco (Courtney) and Sally (Courtney Hope), it seems like there’s much to look forward to in today’s episode.

A quick look at Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week (May 30 to June 2) reveals hints at ever increasing jealousy from Saul, who wants to come between Sally and Thomas (Pierson Fodé). Saul is determined to convince Sally that Thomas is not the right man for her and that he, instead, is. Sally, however, is not taken by the idea and will have to find a way to let Saul off without breaking his heart.

In today’s episode, Thomas is going to be stirring the pot to take the heat up a notch. He is not pleased by the fact that Saul succeeded in driving a wedge between Coco (Courtney Grosbeck) and Sally. According to Thomas, Saul better pray that the feud can be resolved.

In the meantime, Sally is going to approach Coco and propose that they try to fix their relationship. Sally reveals that she is willing to show a genuine commitment to mending their connection with one another. However, it all depends on how Coco receives the proposal. Will Coco be able to find it in her heart to forgive Sally?

Meanwhile, back at the Forresters, Quinn fears the wrath of Katie, who is enraged with her and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). Katie has the upper hand as she knows the details of the secret between Quinn and Ridge. Katie keeps making demands of Quinn, seeing as she has the necessary leverage to do so, and Quinn quickly reaches a breaking point.

This makes Quinn very anxious, as seen in the sneak peek of Wednesday’s episode. Quinn can be seen telling Ridge that “she’s holding it over my head, Ridge. She’s waving it in my face every time she doesn’t get what she wants.”

While Ridge is less concerned, Quinn assures him that she is not overreacting and that Katie is a very dangerous and legitimate threat. If they don’t co-operate with Katie, she could let their cat out of the bag. Ridge, however, will attempt to make sure Katie stays quiet about it.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Quinn does have some good news in her future and will not need to fear Katie forever. However, there’s also some bad news – the secret is going to come out at some point.

As if Quinn doesn’t already have enough on her plate, Eric (John McCook) is persistent in his questioning of the situation. Katie makes things worse when she reveals to Eric that there’s something going on between Ridge and Quinn. Eric is even more fired up to get to the bottom of things.

At the other end of town, at Spectra Fashions, the tension between Thomas and Saul are reaching boiling point. Saul’s crush on Sally is causing him to lose focus and make bad decisions, including creating more drama between Sally and Coco. Thomas, who is aware of all this, is revving up for a confrontation with Saul.

While Thomas now sits at the helm of Spectra Fashions, Eric comes to Thomas’ aid when he offers to intervene with the Saul situation on his behalf.

Sally, however, doesn’t only have Coco to be concerned about. Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is very unhappy with the news of Thomas’ promotion and will be making her anger known to Sally in what is set to be a dramatic face-off.

You can watch Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS.

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