PlayStation 4 Update 4.0: Major Features Of New Update And Possible Fixes For Noted Freezing Issues

The PlayStation 4 update 4.70 is now live bringing with it new features and enhancements to its stability and performance. However, the newest firmware version also introduced some irritating glitches such as crashing and freezing. Fortunately, there some have come forth offering various fixes on the observed issues while Sony is yet to make an official statement on the matter.

New PlayStation 4 Features

The PS4 update 4.70 is aimed to introduce two main features into the console, according to the accompanying Patch Notes. With the update in place, players can now view match results per player in tournaments. In addition, the new system update is said to improve the console’s system performance.

Seen as a preparatory step for an even bigger upcoming version 5.0 update, the recent Update 4.70 is relatively minor compared to an update introduced last March. Called the PS4 update 4.50, it introduced several enhancements and greater functionality such as the introduction of USB storage device compatibility.

The PS4 Update 4.50 finally allows gamers to use USB storage devices for app installations and moving applications in the storage, Express reported. For the device to be compatible with the PlayStation 4, the requirement is that it should be USB 3.0 or later versions and must have a minimum 250 GB and 8 TB maximum storage capacity. To activate the function, players only need to select Settings, Devices, and finally, USB Storage Devices and select the USB device before formatting it as an extended storage. However, the notes warn that not all USB devices might be compatible with the PS4.

The March update is touted to offer a user-friendly quick menu with easier access in creating and joining parties. In addition, notifications have been redesigned, which now appears as a single list. Remote Play also allows users to use the microphone for voice chats when using Xperia Smartphone, Xperia Tablet, Windows PC, and Mac.

Players can likewise use screenshots for background screen customizations. This is done by accessing Settings, Themes, and Custom. The update also allows users to post these screenshots and tag games and even other players.

Interaction among players is also enhanced by the PlayStation app, which allows communications between friends even if they are not connected to the console. Their user status will be shown as Mobile but they may still communicate with friends. Users may likewise post animated GIFs.

PS4 Update 4.70 “Unofficial” Fixes For Observed Issues

However, numerous reports have surfaced claiming some issues with the new PlayStation 4 Update 4.70. More specifically, PS4 users have reported via Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter on freezing issues after the update, according to Segment Next.

Judging by the numerous complaints, the freezing issue seems to be widespread. While Sony is yet to release an official statement, the publication offers three “unofficial” fixes on the issue which could remedy the problem.

It is suggested that PS4 users need to turn off the system and reboot it in safe mode. Once done, storage needs to be restored and the system restarted, booting once again into safe mode. Users may now install the 4.70 update using the internet.

For those who still encounter some problems despite doing the steps described above, there are other suggestions to try out. One needs to remove the LAN cable or switch the router off for WIFI users before rebooting the system to safe mode. From there, one can then opt to rebuild the database which could solve the problem.

A last resort is offered for those who have attached an external hard drive. The drive needs to be temporarily disconnected and the system restarted in safe mode before downloading the update via internet.

Hopefully, Sony will be able to fix the observed issues of the PlayStation 4 Update 4.70 soon. Stay tuned.

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