General Hospital Recap for Tuesday, May 30 2017: Jake’s Chimera Moment – Who Will Jake Obey, Helena or Jason?

The General Hospital ball will reach its climactic peak today Tuesday May 30, 2017 when Jake makes his decision. Will Jake break free from Helena’s programming, or will he go ahead and unleash the greatest disaster Pot Charles has ever seen? Will Nathan accept Amy’s proposal, and will Dante save the day when Ava goes off the deep end in a blazing fire? Do not miss this episode of General Hospital where lives are in the balance and Port Charles as we know it is at stake.

General Hospital Recap for Tuesday May 30, 2017: Amy Propositions Nathan

Amy (Rita Dorken) used Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) picture for the “Man Landers” advice column and Nathan was livid when he found out about it. General Hospital spoilers note that when Nathan confronts Amy about it she justifies her actions and comes up with a proposition to make it up to him. Amy even goes so far as to suggest that her proposal might be able to save his floundering marriage.

Of course, Nathan’s pride steps in and he tells Amy that he doesn’t need her help to save his marriage. According to General Hospital spoilers, Amy makes a good case for why his marriage is on the rocks and what is worse, he doesn’t even realizes it. Nathan is convinced by Amy’s argument and he agrees to help Amy if she helps him rescue his marriage. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that neither Amy nor Nathan could ever guess the consequences of their new partnership.

General Hospital Recap for Tuesday May 30, 2017: Ava Trapped In Fire

Ava (Maura West) is saved by Dante in the nick of time from a fiery death. [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

General Hospital spoilers indicate that while the fire is raging Ava Jerome (Maura West) loses her mind and shouts to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) that they aren’t going anywhere. General Hospital fans saw Ava starting a fire at the warehouse to put a physical barrier between her and them when they tried to punish her for having a hand in their son Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) death. However, Ava didn’t think through her plan and she is now caught in the flames, while Sonny and Carly are able to get away.

She pulls a gun on Carly and Sonny and tells them that it’s her turn now. Ava refuses to take all the responsibility for Morgan’s death. She says that they should not have coddled him and been able to see that something was wrong. Sonny, thoroughly fed up, says they are leaving and that she can burn in hell. Carly and Sonny leave, and Ava is trapped because the backdoor is locked.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry reveals in their General Hospital spoilers that Sonny calls Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) to tell him that Ava confessed her part in his brother’s murder and that they have her trapped. Dante tells his dad not to do anything stupid. Carly and Sonny themselves are lost as they are not familiar with the layout of the warehouse, but they are in a far better position than Ava who almost certainly will be burned to death.

But it seems as if Dante will save the day on General Hospital. Spoilers state that Dante will arrive just in time because there is no way that Sonny and Carly will put their lives at risk to save hers. So when Dante does save the mother of his child, Sonny is livid that Dante went through the fire to save her. Ava is burned when he does get to her but Dante points out that nobody deserves to die that way and that he would prefer if the legal system deals with Ava.

General Hospital Recap for Tuesday May 30, 2017: Lulu and Laura Make The Connection

Nathan (Ryan Paevey) accepts Amy’s proposition. [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

Laura (Genie Francis) and Lulu (Emme Rylan) will piece together the mystery of Jake’s (Hudson West) birthday present of the magic set. Everyone assumed that it was a gift from Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel). But Laura knows that it is impossible that the magic set was a gift from Spencer because Spencer wanted to give his gift to Jake personally. Laura tells Jason (Billy Miller) that the gift his son received is not from Spencer.

While Laura and Lulu are hashing out who the gift could be from, Laura suddenly realizes that the gift could be related to the time Jake spent on Cassadine Island. Lulu will be shocked and want to know if Laura things that Helena (Constance Towers) could be behind the strange gift.

General Hospital Recap for Tuesday May 30, 2017: Jake’s Choice

Jake has enchanted his audience with various magical tricks. He then pulls out the Chimera device as his final act. General Hospital spoilers on Soap Central state that what happens next, and ultimately the future of Port Charles, all up to Jake.

“Jake makes an important decision.”

There is a frenzy as some key people recognize the Chimera for what it is: a device to wreak havoc in Port Charles. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) yells at Jake and tells him not to open it. But only two people exist for Jake at this moment: his dad and Helena.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jake hallucinates and sees Helena. Helena will tell him to open the device and for him to do what he has been born to do. And in the midst of all the chaos his dad Jason tries to be his calming influence when he lowers his voice and tells Jake to look at him. Jason will ask Jake to give him the Chimera device and he will reach out with his hand. The time has come for Jake to make his choice?

What do you think Jake’s choice will be? Will he be so lost in his trance that he goes ahead and unleashes the weapon of mass destruction? Or will he listen to his dad and hand over the device?

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