Male Artist Adds Peeing Dog Statue Next To ‘Fearless Girl,’ Claims It’s A Downgrade To ‘Charging Bull’

A male artist reportedly created a peeing dog sculpture and placed it next to the “Fearless Girl” statue in response to its “downgrade” to Wall Street’s “Charging Bull.”

In a recent report by the New York Post, it has been revealed that city sculptor Alex Gardega created the small dog sculpture, titled “Pissing Pug” and intentionally placed it next to the iconic little girl, taking aim at her leg.

Apparently, Gardega was not a fan of the “Fearless Girl” statue being placed across the “Charging Bull,” claiming that it was a “downgrade” and “disrespect” to the fierce figure and its artist.

Gardega admitted that he purposeful made the dog statue appeared sloppily crafted to add insult to the little girl. In an interview with the New York Post, he bluntly voiced out his dislike of the “Fearless Girl”

“I decided to build this dog and make it crappy to downgrade the statue, exactly how the girl is a downgrade on the bull.”

The artist also added that the “Fearless Girl” was placed opposite the “Charging Bull” as a publicity stunt calling it a “corporate nonsense.” Gardega also defended his actions and insisted that he is “pro-feminism” and has “nothing against the sculptor whatsoever.”

“It has nothing to do with feminism, and it is disrespect to the artist that made the bull. That bull had integrity.”

Gardega’s bold move of putting the “Pissing Pug” next to the famed “Fearless Girl” gained various reactions online, mostly criticizing the artist’s way of expressing his views.

One user commented, “The intimidated male response to the Fearless Girl statue was to piss on it. How…original.” Another one wrote, “Shout out to the male artist who made the peeing dog statue for demonstrating why there’s a need for the Fearless Girl.”

Meanwhile, the “Charging Bull” sculptor Di Modica previously expressed his opposition of placing “Fearless Girl” across his artwork, claiming that the little girl unfairly implicates his creation. Reports revealed that Di Modica is suing the State Street Global Advisors, the one responsible for placing the girl’s statue opposite his work.

Apparently, Di Modica thinks the little girl’s statue is an “advertising trick” created by corporate giants and that its presence infringes his own artistic copyright. He also claimed that the “Fearless Girl” has changed the creative dynamic of his artwork.

It can be recalled that Di Modica installed the massive bronze creation without a permit in front of the New York Stock Exchange after the 1987 stock market dropped. Eventually, the statue was allowed to remain in the Financial District after the public showed tremendous support.

According to a site dedicated to the famous sculpture, the “Charging Bull” was made to represent the spirit of America, “where people from all other[sic] the world could come regardless of their origin or circumstances, and through determination and hard work overcome every obstacle to become successful. It’s this symbol of virility and courage that Arturo saw as the perfect antidote to the Wall Street crash of 1986.

The ‘Fearless Girl’ statue was installed across the famed ‘Charging Bull’ of Wall Street. [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

On the other hand, Kristin Visbal, the artist behind the “Fearless Girl” previously revealed that her artwork is something “that every woman can and should relate to. The bull is symbolic of every issue coming down the pike, that they can stand firm and hold their ground and deal with it.”

To recall, the “Fearless Girl” statue was placed opposite the “Charging Bull” in March in line with the International Women’s Day. Initially, the 4-foot girl statue was installed on a temporary permit but was extended for 11 months by Mayor Bill de Blasio. This is after several women’s groups and advocates pressured them to keep it around longer.

As of this writing, the creators of the “Charging Bull” and the “Fearless Girl” have yet to comment about the “Pissing Pug.”

[Featured Image by Mark Lennihan/AP Images]

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