Tiger Woods’ DUI: Girlfriend Kristin Smith Goes On $5K Shopping Spree After Learning About His Arrest

Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest has been hard on his current girlfriend Kristin Smith although recent photos of the blonde beauty going on a shopping spree right after learning about the news may imply otherwise.

The famous golfer who has gone down a spiral was taken into police custody on Monday after Palm Beach County law enforcement found him driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, TMZ reported.

According to the authorities, Woods was taken to the county jail around 3:00 a.m. after he was caught “driving erratically, all over the road” before they pulled him over. The outlet revealed that the 41-year-old athlete smelled of alcohol and initially refused to be tested using a breathalyzer.

However, an update to the article citing an official statement from the 41-year-old sportsman about the Tiger Woods DUI arrest, clarifying that his erratic driving was caused by “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.”

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“I didn’t realize the mix of medications affected me so strongly,” he said, adding that while he takes responsibility for what happened, he said that he was cooperative during the arrest, contrary to initial reports saying that he became “arrogant” when police asked to have his breath tested for alcohol.

After learning about his arrest, Tiger’s girlfriend, 33-year-old Kristin Smith became hysterical and “went crazy” per eyewitness accounts cited by TMZ. She was also heard saying “I knew it, I knew it” and began crying. At the time, Smith was shopping at a Neiman Marcus store in Dallas.

But while news of Tiger Woods’ DUI made her feel awful, the blonde stylist was still able to continue with her shopping spree—even spending a total of $5,000 on new apparel, per another report from TMZ.

“While her face looks bummed out, Kristin seems to be getting through by doing what she does best… shopping,” the outlet noted.

By the looks of it, Kristin’s way of coping with her boyfriend’s arrest involved spending plenty on new shoes and bags, something she did not want to talk about based on her lawyer’s statement cited by the New York Post.

“She asks, on her own behalf and on behalf of her friends and family, that the media respects her wishes to be left alone, as this is a private matter,” Smith’s lawyer said.

“She has nothing more to say about the incident regarding [Tiger Woods’] DUI arrest at this time.”

Woods, on the other hand, apologized to his family, friends, and fans for his disappointing actions and vowed to do everything in his power “to ensure this never happens again.”

“I would like to apologize with all my heart to my family, friends, and the fans. I expect more from myself, too.”

As much as that sounded like the Tiger Woods who made a name in golf eons ago, it seems as though his career may no longer be as good as it was considering that his fans already understand the spiral he is in.

In fact, an article from Golf Digest noted that while the headline for Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest sounded “callous,” it is far from shocking especially to those who have known how things went down when his sad story became even sadder.

“Because for all the happy talk from and about Woods by those who wish everything was all right, it’s not unreasonable to surmise that the 14-time major-championship winner’s life has been troubled for a while,” the article reads.

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Despite this, the magazine noted that fans who saw his mugshot circulating online would feel that the matter is “disorienting and surreal.”

Were you shocked upon hearing Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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