‘Girlfriend Killer’: Lifetime Airing TV Movie, Could It Have True Story Roots? Starring Corin Nemec

Girlfriend Killer is airing this Thursday night on the Lifetime Movie Network channel. The LMN movie is written by Christine Conradt and directed by Alyn Darnay. Girlfriend Killer is about a businesswoman who owns an agency that sets up the perfect marriage proposals, but when she becomes the object of a jilted client’s obsession, someone is bound to be murdered. Girlfriend Killer is not advertised as a true-story movie. However, it sounds very similar to a case that made headlines in 2016. Girlfriend Killer stars Barbie Castro and Corin Nemec.

Synopsis of LMN’s Girlfriend Killer

Carmen Ruiz runs a savvy online business. Rich men find the woman of their dreams and Carmen works her magic to make sure the woman accepts. Her elaborate marriage proposal packages are well-thought out and perfectly planned. The situation is no different when she meets Emerson Banes, a handsome man who is planning to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

When Emerson finally proposes to his girlfriend, she rejects the proposal, sending Emerson into a sea of despair. Carmen is devastated for Emerson. The marriage proposal planner’s success rate for creating romantic events is usually high, so she feels the need to help him.

In speaking with him, Carmen comes on a bit too strong, and Girlfriend Killer’s Emerson believes that she is in love with him. Mistaking her sympathy for romantic interest, Emerson leads himself down a deadly path of obsession after Carmen also rejects his advances.

Now, an insane and crazed Emerson decides that he won’t accept one more rejection. To tie Carmen’s hands, he abducts her daughter, in the hopes that Carmen will come looking for them. Will Detective Baker and Detective Michelle Price save Carmen and her daughter in time?

Behind The Plot of Girlfriend Killer On Lifetime Movie Network

Girlfriend Killer‘s plot, though fictional, could have been inspired by a real-life case. With marriage proposal event planning on the rise, people are willing to pay top dollar for the perfect marriage proposal with no guarantee that the person will accept. In most cases, the rejection ends in tears and months of sorrow. However, sometimes rejected proposals end in murder.

Take the example of the following true stories.

In 2007, Ricardo Antonio Navarro thought that asking for his girlfriend’s hand on national TV would make the perfect marriage proposal. He thought wrong. When his Russian girlfriend, Svetlana Orlova, declined and rejected him in front of viewers, he stabbed her to death.

Almost 10 years later, in 2016, another marriage proposal ended in murder. According to Fox-59, Jason Eaton, 43, killed his girlfriend, Wendy Sabatini, 44, after he walked into the bedroom with a ring in his hand to propose to her. When she turned him down, even before he could finish the question, he finished her off by retrieving the gun from a drawer and shooting her to death. Then, he left her dead body in the bedroom.

When Wendy Sabatini’s teenage son came home from school, he made himself something to eat. He had no idea that his mom’s dead body was upstairs until police came to the door.

Lifetime fans will be happy to see actor Corin Nemec return to LMN. Many fans will remember him in My Son Johnny, a Lifetime movie that was based on a true story.

Barbie Castro, a real estate agent in South Florida, has returned to acting and producing. Her company, Concord Films, has had a few murder-mystery movies to air on Lifetime.

According to Soaps, Girlfriend Killer on LMN is produced by Concord Films and executive produced by Barbie Castro and Eric R. Castro. The Lifetime Movie Network movie was filmed in the United States. Girlfriend Killer airs this Thursday, June 1, at 8/7 p.m. Central on LMN.

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