‘Prison Break’ Season 6 Release Date ‘Definitely’ Likely: Will Wentworth Miller’s Return Be Renewed/Canceled?

Will there be a Season 6 of Prison Break? The possibility of a Prison Break Season 6 release date must be on everyone’s minds after watching the crazy ending for the Prison Break Season 5 finale. Fortunately, Wentworth Miller and FOX representatives have already given fans a giant-sized hint that they’d like to see Prison Break renewed, not canceled, for a new season. The bad news is that in the end, the Prison Break ratings will determine the end game — and that’s a prison Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows cannot break out of with mind games.

The new Prison Break: Resurrection was always supposed to be a mini-series as is implied by the name (although obviously the main reference is to Michael being written out of the grave). The difficulty in creating yet another sequel is coming up with a new Prison Break story that gives a justifiable reason for the Scofields to be back in prison.

Back before Season 5 even aired, show creator Paul Scheuring stressed that they would not release Prison Break Season 6 just to get the show back on the air. Instead, the story ideas need to be at least as good as season 1 of the series.

“That’s a huge bar to clear,” said Scheuring, according to Entertainment Voice. “Who knows, there is definitely a buzz out there. From my end the story has to be so perfect that it’s worth doing.”

In an interview with Deadline, Scheuring clarified that the decision was ultimately up to Fox but otherwise a Prison Break Season 6 release date was unlikely to happen unless it “was within their interest.” Still, he insisted a Prison Break sequel was “possible” if they “arrive at a story that we feel is worth telling” since “creative integrity is really important.”


Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller agreed with that sentiment, claiming that Prison Break Season 6 was a worthwhile goal “only if it was paying homage to the Prison Break legend.”

“[T]hese nine episodes are potentially a satisfying way to fade to black but if there was some idea that was exciting and we were confident could stand besides those that came before then I’d be open to that conversation,” he added.

However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Miller feels they cannot rule out Prison Break Season 6 because the story is now about multiple generations, which allows the plot to go in many directions. The Prison Break cast member does not believe FOX should explore those ideas “unless there’s something awesome that we can sink our teeth into” but otherwise he joked that it’s possible his character Michael could be breaking grandchildren out of prison years from now. Or maybe the son can break out the father?

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Prison Break Renewed Or Canceled Officially?

Even before the Season 5 finale had aired, some reports had declared Prison Break canceled by FOX. However, it also depends on whom you ask and what do you mean by having Prison Break renewed or canceled. For example, websites like TV Series Finale claim the show is definitely canceled by FOX while TVLine claims it “could go either way” in the future.

Thankfully, the latter report is probably closer to the truth. Technically, the Prison Break Season 6 release date has not been canceled, but neither has the series been renewed for the 2017 to 2018 timeframe. FOX co-chairman and CEO Gary Newman clarified that FOX has “no plans right now,” but they haven’t shut the door, either. This puts the TV series in the same boat as 24: Legacy, which will not be returning for the 2017 fall season yet FOX says new 24 episodes will be “in the mix” for the future.

To put things into perspective, the Prison Break ratings in the critical 18 to 49 age demographic have been around the same level as FOX’s Gotham and Lucifer, which have both been renewed for 2017. Depending on how the Prison Break Season 5 finale does in the ratings, Prison Break could beat the 1.0 average set by 24: Legacy. But when you factor in delayed viewing by Hulu and Netflix streaming viewers, Prison Break’s ratings are actually among the highest for FOX for a Tuesday night telecast.

Christian Michael Cooper plays Michael Scofield’s son on Prison Break. [Image by Ian Redd]

In the end, while the exact Prison Break Season 6 release date is uncertain, FOX CEO Dana Walden told TVLine they would “definitely consider doing more episodes,” and he knows the producers are considering ideas. If a new Prison Break returns, Walden said the network would “want to make it special” by focusing on mini-series episodes and special events.

What do you think the story should be for Prison Break Season 6? Do you think Wentworth Miller’s Michael Scofield should remain the central character or do you think the focus should shift to a new generation?

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