‘General Hospital’ Rumor Patrol: ‘Julexis’ Not Together In Real Life

General Hospital is constantly putting actors together who have plenty of chemistry. In the acting business, it is important to note which people work well together in order to have a believable love story. Julian (William deVry) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) have been a power couple since the moment fans were shown the “Julexis” past. He was revealed to be Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) father and Alexis’ one true love. Their story was something that developed an entire fandom, one that has been incredibly active despite the General Hospital writers tearing them apart.

Earlier this month, the Daytime Emmys aired, and for weeks prior to the event, there were several parties held. According to a report from Celeb Dirty Laundry, General Hospital couple “Julexis” may be a real-life thing. While that may sound like a dream come true for fans who ship the couple hard, it isn’t a reality. William deVry has been very vocal about his relationship with Rebecca Staab, and Nancy Lee Grahn has always kept her private life out of the spotlight. The photo in question was taken at a party for the Daytime Emmys, and the on-screen pairing shared a moment. It was all in good fun, although several people have taken it the wrong way. Now, rumors of a “Julexis” pairing outside of the show are circulating through social media.

The “Julexis” fandom has been very vocal about their distaste for the way the General Hospital writers tore the couple apart. There were several things that didn’t coincide with what the previous writers had set up, and the final straw was having Julian put a knife to Alexis’ throat. Even with all of the blunders through the “Julexis” relationship, there is still a heavy desire for the couple to be reunited. As of now, things are reportedly being worked out during contract negotiations for William deVry, though there is no clue whether he will return or choose to exit the soap. Rumors have been floating around that he may be exiting General Hospital this summer, but that is speculation based on contract status only. He has not made an official statement one way or another.

Hope for a reconciliation between the two is there, though the longer the writers keep Julian offscreen, the harder it will be to work things out. Alexis has been used less and less since sweeps, only briefly making her way through scenes here and there. Her alcoholism tied into February sweeps and the reveal of Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) being alive. General Hospital writers are constantly being tagged on social media by fans who want more “Julexis,” but instead, they are focusing on storylines that could have been wrapped up months ago. Right now, viewers are knee deep in the Chimera Project outcome, which is set to start really unfolding this week.

Despite rumors to the contrary, William deVry and Rebecca Staab are still very much together. There is no merit behind the rumors that he is now with Nancy Lee Grahn even though their chemistry on General Hospital is hotter than the sun. “Julexis” is one couple that people are going to ship for a lifetime. Alexis and Julian were meant to be, and everything they have been through proves that. The General Hospital casting director hit the nail on the head with this pairing, and even though they are not a real-life couple, their chemistry proves they could be. There is still a small glimmer of hope for a “Julexis” reunion, but until a contract is signed, it is still hanging in the balance of the unknown.

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