Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Love Triangle Continues, Abby Misses Chad As Gabi Is ‘Stranded’ In The Middle

Days of Our Lives fans who support Chad and Abigail will be happy to know that although Abby has made a choice to divorce Chad and step aside for Gabi (Camila Banus), according to recent Days of Our Lives spoilers, she will soon begin to regret that decision.

Abigail does plan on moving forward with her wedding plans to Dario, but Days of Our Lives spoilers hint the longer Chad and Gabi are away from Salem, the more Abigail longs for Chad.

The most recent desert island story line is an offspring of the cursed amulet angle. Days of Our Lives viewers had a feeling something bad would happen in Greece the moment Chad took possession of the amulet.

Last week on Days, the group flew to Greece to rescue Eric, Nicole, and her baby. They managed to arrest Deimos and Xander while freeing Nicole and Eric. Nicole and Eric escaped from the group and hitched a ride back on the Kiriakis jet.

Gabi had planned on flying home with Chad, but before the Titan jet took off for Salem, Gabi ran on board. She claimed that being alone on a plane with Chad was too awkward, but Chad appeared moments later. His plane was having mechanical issues, most likely caused by the cursed amulet, and he was looking to join the flight.

Back in Salem, Abigail believes that Chad and Gabi are off spending time together, which in a sense they are. Coming back from Greece, the Titan jet went down on a desert island. Chad and Gabi are currently stranded along side JJ, Sonny, Paul, Eli, and Lani.

Hope informed Abigail that Chad was, in fact, in Greece on business. The longer Chad is away with Gabi; the more Abigail believes it is a romantic getaway. With Abby under the impression that Chad is off with Gabi, she moves forward with her plans to marry Dario (Jordi Vilasuso). Abigail is doing Dario a huge favor, marrying him so that he can stay in the country.

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Unfortunately for Abigail, Dario isn’t sincere in his motives to marry her. Last week on Days, it was revealed that Dario could have easily stayed in the country by filing citizenship papers. He chose to ask Abigail to marry him unnecessarily and hopes that by pretending to be happily married, Abby will eventually fall in love with him. Fans of Days of Our Lives hope that Abigail will realize she is being duped before it is too late.

SoapHub asked more than 4,000 DOOL fans how they felt about the pairing of Abigail and Dario. This is what the fans had to say.

“An unimpressed 83% of you are not buying what Dario is selling. No way could Abigail be falling for this smarmy con-man. Not when she has sweet, funny, sexy (and rich) Chad pining away for her! Deportations may be horrible – but you’re willing to make an exception for Dario.”

One Facebook user said, “Please let Abby come to her senses and go back to Chad! I hate the whole Dario plot. Let Dario have Chloe!” It seems that a majority of Days of Our Lives fans are eager to see Chad and Abby back together.

On recent episodes of Days of Our Lives, however, it appears that the characters are right back where they were a few short months ago. This week’s spoilers hint that Chad and Gabi will share a kiss on the island while Abby pines for her lost love.

Days of Our Lives teasers indicate that Dario will misstep, and Abigail will begin to question his deportation story. Do you think that Abigail will catch on before she even gets to the altar? It has also been rumored that Chad will find Dario and Abby’s story slightly fishy and may do a little digging of his own.

Last minute wedding ceremony interruptions are fairly common on Days of Our Lives. Perhaps Chad, or someone else, will figure out what is going on before time runs out. How do you think, or hope, the Chad, Abby, and Gabi story will play out? Let us know in the comment section below.

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