‘Riverdale’ Season 2: KJ Apa And Cole Sprouse Reveal Big Changes And A Possible Crossover With ‘The Flash’

Riverdale, The CW TV series based on the characters from Archie Comics, ended up with several cliffhangers and open questions when it finished its first season a few weeks ago. While Jason Blossom’s killer was finally revealed, we now have a new mystery on our hands. Who shot Archie’s dad, Fred Andrews, and how will if affect Archie and the rest of the characters?

Two of Riverdale’s cast members, KJ Apa (Archie Andrews) and Cole Sprouse (“Jughead” Jones) recently spoke about the upcoming Season 2 of Riverdale, revealing some well-kept spoilers – and addressing the possibility of a crossover between Riverdale and The CW’s line of superhero shows.

KJ Apa, the 19-year-old New Zealander who plays series star Archie Andrews, was a guest at the MCM Comicon in London this weekend, where he answered fans’ questions about the show.

Many of the fans were understandably interested in Archie’s love interests and wanted to know if he would choose Betty (Lili Reinhart) or Veronica (Camila Mendes), but KJ refused to answer, saying it’s something Archie would have to decide for himself. He did reveal, however, that Archie and Veronica’s relationship will start to “build a little more” and is going to be explored in the next season.

Talking some more about Riverdale Season 2, KJ was willing to share a few details, even though, according to him, the actors are usually “kept in the dark” right up until they get their script for the next episode.

KJ Apa and Lili Reinhart on ‘Riverdale.’ [Image by The CW]

As you might recall, Season 1 of Riverdale ended with Archie and his father, Fred, sitting together in the diner, right after Archie spent the night with Veronica. Archie goes to the toilets and comes back to find a robber with a gun – who ends up shooting Archie’s dad. We then hear Jughead’s narration, saying that this was apparently not a random shooting.

“Fred being shot changes everything for Archie,” KJ Apa says about Season 2. “We’re definitely going to explore a darker side to Archie for next season. The whole show is going to be a lot more subversive. Riverdale gets divided between the north side and the south side. Everyone picks a side, and it’s going to be nutty.”

Season 2 of Riverdale is also going to feature several new characters and actors – among them, Veronica’s father, Hiram Lodge, who we’re finally going to see as he gets out of jail. The character will be portrayed by Mark Consuelos. KJ says his inclusion in Season 2 is going to be “a lot of fun.”

One of the biggest questions regarding Riverdale Season 2 is whether we’re going to see crossovers between it and The CW’s DC Universe superhero shows – Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. All of these shows are not only broadcast on The CW, but they’re also all produced by Greg Berlanti, who is the executive producer on Riverdale – so fans are eager to see Archie’s universe crossover with the DC Universe. KJ Apa weighed in on the matter.

“There’s been a little bit of discussion about a crossover with other CW shows, and there’s been some discussion about a musical episode (like The Flash did). I did hear some conversations about that. I don’t know if a crossover would work at this point. I don’t know if it would work just yet with our show, I think we’re still exploring the town, so maybe a little bit further on.”

Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead on Riverdale, spoke with TV Line about Season 2, saying that it’s about to go to the dark side – even more so than before.

“I think the whole show is going to be getting darker and stranger. We’re going to be leaning into a lot of those qualities that a lot of people ended up loving in the first couple of episodes – this heavy cinematography, this overbearing coloration, this really dark content that’s kind of over-the-top and campy, but it’s taken very seriously.”

With Season 2 still a good few months away, we can at least take comfort in the knowledge that production has already started. Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa recently took to Twitter to post the first page of the script of Episode 14 (the first one of Season 2), revealing the name of the episode – “A Kiss Before Dying.”

Season 1 of Riverdale can be watched on Netflix, while Season 2 will debut on The CW in the United States (and Netflix in the rest of the world), later this year.

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