Blake Shelton Proposing To Gwen Stefani Soon? ‘Cold Feet’ Story Not True

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani engagement rumors have been circulating for several months — really ever since the two started dating — and are not slowing down at all. Every other week, fans have been led to believe that Shelton would be popping the question on The Voice, which really did nothing more than boost the show’s ratings. It seems obvious that if Shelton was going to propose to Stefani, he wouldn’t do it on national television — but, you never really know.

All of that said, there have been a bunch of rumors about Shelton getting “cold feet” ahead of an on-air proposal, and the gossip suggests that his second thoughts have caused him not to ask Stefani to be his wife. Fans of the couple will be happy to hear that those rumors simply aren’t true. According to Gossip Cop, Shelton isn’t getting “cold feet.”

This latest report came from Celeb Dirty Laundry, the site claiming that Shelton just couldn’t pull the trigger and get down on bended knee. However, Gossip Cop not only reports that the Celeb Dirty Laundry story is a lie, but it also notes that Shelton never had plans to propose on The Voice to begin with. The site also manages to debunk rumors that Shelton and Stefani’s relationship is on the rocks and that Stefani plans to break up with Shelton by year’s end.

“Shelton never had plans to propose on The Voice. That was (and continues to be) a lie that Gossip Cop was the first to debunk. The site, which doesn’t quote any sources, further exposes its ignorance by noting Shelton been through one marriage already and “doesn’t want to make the same mistake a second time around.” Actually, the singer has been married twice before. And, as if the blog’s story wasn’t dumb enough, the outlet alleges Stefani ‘isn’t willing to sit around’ for Shelton, and so she’s going to wait yet another six months until ‘the end of the year’ before deciding whether she’ll ‘pull the plug on their relationship.’ Really?”

Meanwhile, Shelton and Stefani seem more in love than ever. The two have been very supportive of each other and were quite affectionate with each other on this past season of The Voice. If Shelton and Stefani’s relationship really is coming to an end, they aren’t doing a good job showcasing that.

Since it was announced that Stefani wouldn’t be returning to The Voice next season, people have been wondering if she decided to take the season off because of the stress and strain it was putting on her relationship. The thing is, Stefani and Shelton seem to love doing the show together, and it is just obvious that Stefani can’t do the show every single season. While Shelton has carved out time in his schedule allowing him to be a staple in that fourth red coach’s chair, Stefani has a myriad of other things going on, and she is also busy raising three boys.

Other than Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, the two middle chairs on The Voice have seen different coaches just about every season. Cee Lo Green, Usher, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and Miley Cyrus, have all come and gone — some multiple times. There’s absolutely nothing strange about Stefani taking a season off, and it certainly does not mean that she and Shelton are having relationship problems.

Do you think that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will end up getting married? Do you like these two together? Will you miss Stefani on The Voice next season? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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