Julia Roberts Braves Crocodile-Infested Waters And Eats Goat’s Head To Deliver Vaccines To Kenyan Children

Hollywood nearly lost one of its most prominent stars, Julia Roberts, on her adventure with British survivalist Bear Grylls through African underbrush.

Julia Roberts was nearly eaten alive by dozens of crocodiles and poisoned by undercooked goat’s head on her trip to a remote village in Kenya on Red Nose Day, but luckily for Roberts (and Hollywood), she had Bear Grylls, who has been doing this kind of bizarre stunts for years.

Julia Roberts sent hearts racing over the weekend – but not because People magazine’s reigning World’s Most Beautiful Woman appeared in some kind of bikini photoshoot – because viewers of NBC’s three-hour programming were scared for her life.

Julia Roberts and Bear Grylls teamed up for a mission to deliver life-saving medicine to kids in Kenya as part of the U.S. version of Red Nose Day, according to The Sun.

The 49-year-old mother-of-three certainly did not expect she’d have to go to such extremes to get to the remote village during the Red Nose Day special.

Fresh off her victory of the World’s Most Beautiful Woman title, Julia Roberts had to eat a goat’s head before tackling a bridge over a river infested with crocodiles despite being afraid of heights, and presumably a fear of being eaten by crocodiles.

NBC viewers watched the Red Nose Day special with shock and awe as Julia Roberts was eating a goat’s head after Bear Grylls cooked the animal over a fire. Visibly disgusted by her meal, the Pretty Woman actress quipped to her wilderness companion, “Do you think it will make me smarter if I eat it?”

Julia Roberts had to eat the goat’s head either way, or she wouldn’t have had the energy to cross the rickety rope bridge over crocodiles. Roberts and Bear Grylls had to muster up all of their courage, as the bridge was the only way through to get to the village and deliver the medicine.

Julia Roberts, who had admitted she is afraid of heights, called the idea to cross the river via the flimsy-looking rope “a terrible plan” and nearly sabotaged the whole mission.

Being too afraid of falling into the river full of crocodiles, Julia Roberts admitted to the camera that she was dripping with sweat due to nerves.

“I’m very afraid of heights and I always have been.”

Even Bear Grylls, who has been through all kinds of adventures over the years, was visibly afraid of the task, as he said he was worried about the strength of the rope. And that certainly added more fuel to Julia Robert’s extreme fear.

Despite dripping with sweat and barely containing her urge to scream, Julia Roberts made it across – though even Bear Grylls was worried for his companion’s life as there was a hungry crocodile watching the actress cross the river.

Julia Roberts apparently thought the whole idea to go to Kenya as part of Red Nose Day was a bad idea, as she told Bear Grylls that she wasn’t sure “we’re gonna be best friends now, or if this is the end for us.”

However, their struggles on their adventure totally paid off, as Julia Roberts and Bear Grylls eventually made it to their destination, and the Pretty Woman actress even helped to administer vaccine drops to Kenyan kids.

Despite the nerve-wracking journey, Julia Roberts was excited to see so many kids turn up to be vaccinated. Even though most of the kids did not realize Julia Roberts is a worldwide famous star, they had their mouths open – as Roberts described, “like little birds” – to get the much-needed vaccines.

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