Aaron Rodgers Has Reportedly Moved On From Olivia Munn: Will His Family Approve This Time?

Aaron Rodgers is still in a relationship with Baywatch star Kelly Rohrbach, despite the rumors that she was dating another man. Months after he ended his controversial romance with Olivia Munn, will Rodgers’ family approve of his new girl?

According to Radar Online, Rodgers and Rohrbach were spotted hanging out at a golf course in California on April 28. The two haven’t said much about their relationship, though the actress was later linked to Steuart Walton. An insider, however, revealed that Rodgers and Rohrbach are still together.

“He and Kelly have and continued to date,” the source revealed. “They are keeping things light, but are still seeing each other.”

Rodgers and Rohrbach are both golf enthusiasts and attended the Pebble Beach Pro-Am in February, months before he ended things with Munn. Once Rodgers confirmed that he broke up with Munn, the two made their relationship official. It isn’t clear if Rodgers is on speaking terms with his family, but it certainly helps that Munn is out of the picture.

“Olivia was just dragging him down like an anchor,” the insider shared. “He is working on repairing his relationship with his family. Things are really looking up for him now.”

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the timing of Rodgers’ split with Munn has raised questions about his faithfulness. Considering how Rodgers and Rohrbach were spotted together months before the breakup, did he cheat on Munn with the Baywatch star?

Rodgers and Munn have not opened up about the split. Although cheating may have had something to do with the breakup, Rodgers’ strained relationship with his family also likely played a part.

Last year, Aaron Rodgers faced a lot of heat after his family came clean about their feud with the Green Bay Packers quarterback. The Rodgers family revealed that he cut ties with them shortly after he started dating Munn and they hadn’t talked in years. Munn was blamed for the family drama, and it’s possible that he parted ways because he wanted his family back.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that Rodgers cheated on Munn with Rohrbach. The model turned actress was spotted with Rodgers months before he broke up with Munn. Until more information is revealed, there’s no telling if something romantic happened or if Rodgers and Rohrbach are just good friends.

Rohrbach has dated a number of different men over the years. She was most famously linked to Leonardo DiCaprio in 2015, though their relationship only lasted a few months.

Kelly Rohrbach [Image by Alex J. Berliner/ABImages/Paramount Pictures via Getty Images]

OK Magazine reports that Rohrbach dished on her love life while promoting her new film, Baywatch. The actress plays the part of C.J. in the movie and revealed that she appreciates a guy with good humor.

“I kept thinking, I would love this guy [her romantic interest in the film, played by Jon Bass],” she stated. He’s the funniest character, and to me, humor is the sexiest thing.”

While it looks like Rohrbach and Rodgers are hitting it off, a source claims that the two are only good friends. “Aaron is a young, handsome, single guy,” the insider stated. “He’s having a good time hanging out with people who he likes. He’s just having fun, and he deserves it.”

Rodgers has not said anything about his relationship with the Baywatch star. He also hasn’t said whether or not he’s speaking to the rest of his family once again. With Munn out of his life for good, perhaps his family will accept his new girlfriend and move on with their lives.

Fans can watch Rohrbach in action in her new movie, Baywatch, which is currently out in theaters.

Tell us! Do you think Aaron Rodgers is searching for happiness with a woman his family will approve of?

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