Jeremy And Audrey Roloff: ‘Little People, Big World’ Stars Move Back To Portland To Be Closer To Families

Jeremy Roloff and his wife, Audrey Roloff, have moved back to Portland, Oregon, to be closer to their families, In Touch Weekly is reporting.

Jeremy and his brothers and sister grew up on the family farm, about 25 miles west of Portland. However, once he reached adulthood, left the nest, and married Audrey Botti, the happy couple eventually wound up in Bend, Oregon — about 200 miles (a three and a half hour drive) away.

Now, however, it looks like Jeremy and Audrey have decided to pack up and move back closer to their families; the happy couple announced on social media on Saturday that they’ve purchased a home in Portland.

The reason for their move is pretty simple: With Audrey expecting a baby this September and Jeremy’s brother Zach and his wife having just welcomed their son, Jackson Kyle, Jeremy and Audrey figured that it would be best for their baby to be raised around his or her cousin and grandparents.

In a recent episode of Little People, Big World, Audrey made it clear to Jeremy that she believed having the family closer together was the way to go.

“I’m more inclined to raise a family closer to the farm and our families cause I thought that was always what we wanted.”

Jeremy, for his part, was cautious. Although his parents have been divorced for a couple of years now, he believes the situation between Matt Roloff and Amy Knight-Roloff is, at best, still a bit awkward.

“It’s a broken family.”

However, broken or not, family is family, and at the end of the day, Jeremy and Audrey decided that it was best to raise the kids around their cousins and grandparents.

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That’s not to say that leaving Bend is going to be easy for the Roloffs — particularly Audrey, who is in the advanced stages of her pregnancy. She made it clear on Instagram that the move isn’t going to be easy.

“I have a tough time leaving places that hold so many sweet memories. I think Bend will always feel like home to us.”

As for what the couple are going to do for jobs in Portland, that’s difficult to say. Jeremy and Audrey, like Matt, Amy, Zach, and Zach’s wife Tori, make money just from appearing on Little People, Big World. How much they make has not been made public, but based on the value of the house they bought (more on that in a couple of paragraphs), it’s likely enough that either of them needs a nine-to-five job to get by. Further, Jeremy and Audrey have written a book, so they likely make some royalties. And according to their blog, Audrey is a fitness instructor, while Jeremy freelances as a photographer and videographer.

Long story short: They’re probably not going to have to worry about finding jobs.

As for their house, it’s hard to tell much about it (neighborhood, square footage, condition, and so on) from a single photograph, but it appears to be comfortable and spacious without being particularly extravagant. Similar houses in Portland, according to a quick Zillow search, start at around a quarter of a million and go up from there.

New episodes of Little People, Big World air on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on TLC.

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